I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?

I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?

Question by Mella: I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?
I’m open to other religions other than my faith as Catholic that I was born as. I am open to any spiritual experience. Is wicca okay to practice? I don’t want to practice anything that will harm others or leave me open to the possibility of coming into contact with bad spirits, etc.
okay just to get something straight-i dont want to look into this because im trying to rebel, sleep around, or do whatever the hell i want. basically i just was looking for a different spiritual experience, and could use it to help others.

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Answer by Religious renegade
It is satan worship

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  1. ~A Content SlaveAug 17, 2011

    Basically a nutcase in the 50’s in England who wanted worldly fame pieced together all the remnants of ancient paganism and witch-craft into one brand spanken new religion called “Wicca.” He conjured up the amorally apealling catch-phrase “Do what you will but harm none” [Which Satan must love… As long as you don’t hurt anyone you can sleep around, lie, heck, screw a moose as long as you don’t cause it any pain] …

    Then, lo! and Behold, a few years later, 15 year olds who were mad at their conservative families and needed to rebel found their perfect outlet! Woo hoo for newly invented fraud!

  2. AlorerAug 17, 2011

    To explain Wicca would take too long.
    I suggest the following excellent site: http://wicca.timerift.net

    The thing is what you ask that you don’t want to happen is a rather impossible thing.
    Everything harms in some way and every magical/spiritual practice has potential dangers (e.g. “evil” spirits). The point is to do it correctly and being informed so that the possibility for a bad occurance will be low.

  3. MistyAug 17, 2011

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    Why would you be open to other religions except Catholicism? That makes no sense.

    If you understood the Catholic faith, you wouldn’t be looking to wander.


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