Archangels Meditation Music – Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael Reiki

Archangels Meditation Music – Archangels Michael Gabriel Raphael Reiki

Angels meditation to soothe and uplift your soul, This archangels visual meditation video is filled with many healing vibrations and relaxing music… If you are interested in Healing and Reiki then please visit …The Music is by a wonderfully talented musician called Michael Hammer …relax and enjoy the beauty and magic of this angel music meditation. The archangels are archangel michael archangel faith archangel gabriel archangel hope archangel jophiel archangel christine archangel archangel chamuel archangel archangel charity archangel raphael archangel mary archangel uriel archangel arora archangel ariel archangel zadkiel archangel amethyst metatron archangel sandalphon archangel raziel and they are in charge of the divine attributes and energy flows of the planet…they are in charge of the seven rays, red yellow blue green orange violet pink and other colours…they bring healing and harmonious frequency’s to the earth they also have a big influence on the solar cycles and the energies of the sun. Stars ie… Suns around the universe carry the signature of life encoding our beings on many levels…this is why astrology has a big influence on the way that energy is distrubuted throughout the universe. So suns (ie stars) are very important and bring about changes on the physical and mental and emotional bodies of humanity. Sometimes our interpretation of astrology is completely wrong because we place human
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  1. MrMentalflossedAug 19, 2011

    ¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥Fingers tapping keys at lightning speed,.. into my cortex symbols feed,.. knowing life is just a trance,.. A holographic dynamic Romance,.. flick flick flick goes the synapse, spark of life but an electronic dance,.. ♥´¯`•.¸¸.

  2. TexasHouseofCarnageAug 19, 2011

    @MrMentalflossed I shall embed this message into my spiritual energy,.. and allow it flow with me as I flow with the energies of all galaxies,… not disturbing the one harmonial song of the universe. Thank You 8.

  3. blueplanet777Aug 19, 2011

    There are no subliminal messages in recording, but I will be making Interactive Positive Affirmation Videos in the future , enjoy the video and listen to the beautiful soothing uplifting music 🙂

  4. MrPangaea62Aug 19, 2011

    now, if you actually pay attention, you see a bunch of subliminal messages.

  5. angelic7579Aug 19, 2011

    The purest essence of our bieng will arise into the beauty it beholds the soul the spirit shall be of this belief

  6. Heavenlyange10Aug 19, 2011

    After 55 seconds I almost fell asleep. -.- And I see pretty stars.

  7. AlexAnderFilmingAug 19, 2011

    ♥►♥►♫ Hey! I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming, but I really want to get my channel known, as it’s alot like this video.

    I have ALOT of professional hypnosis and meditations for all kinds of problems such as sleep, relaxation, wealth ect, so give MY CHANNEL a quick look, thanks very much! ♫◄♥◄♥

  8. MrMentalflossedAug 19, 2011

    I AM ,.. a wink from heaven and 5d space,.. i gave you love and you gave me grace,.. I AM you and you are me ,.. WE ARE ALL HUE MANITY<.. from evil to good not a bad thing was missed from heavens love did GOD learn from little gOD's how life burned,.. how passion felt and how HUE lived,.. in pulses of heart felt erratic love. HE has learned it all by the way ,.. AND he just stopped by to say ,.. THANK YOU HUMANS of the world, I AM YOU ALL small g's UBFURLED, 8 i love yuo ,.. singed 8 ,..

  9. 26mel1Aug 19, 2011

    Just Heavenly beautiful 😀 Peace , One Love & Light !

  10. angelic7579Aug 19, 2011

    Heavenly transcending the Love thats neverending unto all be it for all forevermore AMEN

  11. ryno2085Aug 19, 2011

    I have never seen such things. Thank you

  12. metatronarka1Aug 19, 2011


  13. kaylu12Aug 19, 2011

    This is so awesome, thank you!

  14. PlanetEarthSupportAug 19, 2011

    & so shall it B …
    When a friend in trouble, TRY to comfort them … & help them through it!

    SURRENDER 2 the light!

  15. MultiRobsonMoreiraAug 19, 2011


  16. angelic7579Aug 19, 2011


  17. ecocanyonAug 19, 2011

    Almost 3-D.

  18. robaquarius69Aug 19, 2011

    Thank you for the Absolutely Wonderful Blessings,

    I was left with the feeling of a lighter sense of being

    I will share it in my Spiritual Journey.

    Love, Light , and Blessings to us all!!!!!!!!

  19. gusguytouAug 19, 2011

    Love and light to all …
    listen this song for you only… and your interior person …you interior live …

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