If I take the herb “Eyebright” in a tea or capsule will my eyes eventually look brighter?

Question by Bob Bobson: If I take the herb “Eyebright” in a tea or capsule will my eyes eventually look brighter?
Besides detoxing, etc, does eyebright have any special features to it that make the eyes brighter? or better somehow?

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Answer by Mopar Muscle Gal
Eye Bright is one of the primary herbs
used for eye care. It has been depended upon for at least 2000 years in the treatment of various eye problems. It is especially useful for eyestrain, over-sensitivity to light, eye inflammations, weeping eyes and other eye ailments. Some common eyes disorder in which eyebright use are:-

* Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids and eyelash follicles)
* Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye’s mucous membrane lining)
* Eye fatigue
* Stye (infection of an eyelid gland)

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  1. I think you will be better off using Dr Richard Schulze’s eyewash which contains eyebright. He does speak of it brightening the eye in addition to enhancing vision and reversing eye diseases.

    You can make the formula yourself cheaper by using bulk organic herbs and making your own tincture with them. The formula designed by master herbalist and teacher of Dr Richard Schulze who cured many of all kinds of eye diseases from glaucoma to cataracts to retinopathy to blindness used it.

    Here are the ingredients (see first link) but Dr Schulze recommend starting at 1/8 part cayenne and then going to 1/2 part and then 3/4 then 1,2,3 or more parts. He has used up to 800 times the cayenne with no harm just to show people it will not hurt them and help them getting over their fear of putting cayenne in the eye.


    I was always afraid to use it for that reason until one day while trying habanero peppers for the first time and washing them, I accidentally rubbed both eyes getting the burning ht pepper juice in my eyes. I thought I was blinded. I could not open my eyes or see for an hour and then finally could. when I looked at my eyes they looked very clear and the best they ever looked. That experience made me less afraid to try the eyewash formula and I used it only to find it barely stung for a few minutes and was nothing like I had feared. Had I not accidentally got the habanero in them, I likely never would have tried schulze’s eyewash formula.

    generally one puts about 5-10 drops in a glass eyewash cup and fill the rest with distilled water.put eye in cup and raises head and then look to the right. left, up and down and then repeat with other side.

    For best results and to help the eye diseases I mentioned, also take internally 30-60 drops 5-7times a day, drink 3 cups of carrot juice (from juicer), take brain herbs like rosemary and ginkgo and use a slant board once a day. Eating a good vegan food program with a lot of raw and living food is also of help


    more on eyebright found here

    http://www.herballegacy.com/Eye_Ailments.html more on healing eye diseases found here with testimonies.

    It is very important whether using just the eyebright or the eye wash formula I mention above that one only uses organic or wildcrafted herbs in one’s eye.

    Using a tincture is better as it is easy to make and use and allows one to use it more often than making a tea, letting it cool etc

    the formula is also sold at Schulze’s website herbdoc.com

    oh relooking at your question, it will not help that much just using internally via tea or capsule ..one needs to use in the eye as an eyewash

    Never use capsuled herbs as they are rarely absorbable and often b urned in the powdering process hence not effective.

    Tinctures are the best way to take herbs easily absorbable going right into the bloodstream. teas are second bext but only use distilled or steam distilled water.

    Organic or wild crafted herbs are 7-10 times higher in the phytochemicals that cure and prevent disease so if it does not say organic or wildcrafted on the label best not to buy it.

    Eyebright was traditionally used in the eye as an eyewash/ I don’t feel taking it via capsules or tea except in addition to the eyewash and especially in conjunction with other stuff I mentioned (slant board, carrot juice etc) will help. Plus one usually uses herbs to weak (conventionally) in a weakened form and does not take it often enough. in this program one uses it both internally and externally a lot.

    If you want the link to the chapter where he speaks of the eyes in his save your life manual, email me.

    More on it here and he does say it makes eyes “cleaner, clearer and brighter” in the description (products page click on eye and then eyebright formula and see what it is why it works and why you need it


    more on its use also found here


  2. No I’m afraid it’s just a very old piece of folklore that has absolutely no scientific value.

    Janie has given some very dangerous advice. Making your own medicine (to put in your eye of all things!) could easily lead to eye damage due to infection, contamination or simply unknown effects.

    It’s really not worth the risk, unless you have some weird need to experiment with your eyesight.

  3. I have never used Eyebright, but here are some great eye vitamins that can improve vision.

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