What is the scientific name for the herb “spanish needle”?

Question by Diwa: What is the scientific name for the herb “spanish needle”?
This herb is native to Jamaica West Indies. Origin I am not sure – may be spanish or latin.

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Answer by annie201207
I believe, its Bidens pilosa (family: Asteraceae). It has insecticidal properties.

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  1. Spanish needle is a general term shared by more than one plant . It is bit difficult to pinpoint the scientific name in the absence of a photo / picture.

    Kindly click on the link below to see=


    Dictionary meaning is given below ==

    1) Any of various weeds of the genus Bidens in the

    composite( Now Asteraceae) family, having heads of usually yellow flowers. Also called Spanish needles, sticktight.

    2) The small barbed achenes of any of these plants, clinging readily to clothing and animal fur.
    3 ) Any of certain other plants or their clinging fruits.

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