Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs Update 5

Topsy Turvy, Garden Containers, Upside Down Pots, Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs Update 5

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Not much has changed. Everything still pretty healthy. Bell peppers are changing colors and the cucumbers are doing well. Tumbling Toms are producing several ripe tomatoes every nite. Be warned: I am now formally planning my garden for next year. Boy, am I gonna have some fun! My wife can’t believe we haven’t really even started harvesting a lot of veggies and I’m already looking forward to next year….LOL. Thanks for looking. Any advice, please leave me a post.
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  1. IllchangeitlaterAug 24, 2011

    do you start your peppers and tomatoes from seed?? When did you start them to have ripe fruit in july! It’s august and I still don’t have any ripe tomatoes or big peppers.

  2. YewtoobnubeAug 25, 2011

    @mrsexpistols36 Yeah, I cut a hole about 2″ in diameter in the bottom of the pot so the plant can grow down. Not sure what ya mean by top up the pots. Once in a long while you’ll get a weed and we’ll pluck it out. Thanx for watching.

  3. mrsexpistols36Aug 25, 2011

    how do you grow them upside down, do you put a large hole in the base off the pot? also do you have to top up the pots ?thanxs

  4. marchels28Aug 25, 2011

    very nice pepper collection,i haven’t seen the purple bell pepper so that’s something new for me,nice garden.

  5. fse88fse88Aug 25, 2011

    Very beautiful garden 🙂

  6. Gnostic279Aug 25, 2011

    Thanks for the video. I like what you are doing with the pots.

    I need some advice if you don’t mind. You have a brussel’s sprout in a pot. I have 6 failing plants. I need to figure out what i’ve done wrong and wether or not I should start over.

  7. YewtoobnubeAug 25, 2011

    @asasuelf Thanx!

  8. asasuelfAug 25, 2011

    Bello. Bravo.

  9. computermechAug 25, 2011

    You have an amazing garden system going.

  10. agardencontainedAug 25, 2011

    i really like those little green square containers

  11. RainAir09Aug 25, 2011

    great garden

  12. d25musicAug 25, 2011

    How do you do your radishes? Any tips would be wonderful. Thank you.
    I see you have hanging baskets. Can you tell me how to plant them like that, and how they do? Thank you. I just want to get the best harvest we can. It’s our first time.

  13. ghavvardAug 25, 2011

    love it

  14. ghavvardAug 25, 2011

    i planted some in pots and some in the gound

  15. MoThugz4EverAug 25, 2011

    Damn how much did you spend on pots?

  16. BulletSponge077Aug 25, 2011

    wow- sweet little setup you got there- got a few ideas from your video thanks for posting it…

  17. jessy16ableAug 25, 2011

    Hey great garden. Have you ever tried zuccini or squash in the hanging planters ? I am wondering how well they would do in that environment.

  18. LadyWeaselAug 25, 2011

    Oooooh! I want your garden! =D

  19. jadefox26Aug 25, 2011

    Just started growing stuff in the UK in my litle garden and saw your video – thanks for putting it up it was very useful t see how the veg begins to grow!

  20. bowler8Aug 25, 2011

    You must have a good climate, I live in the desert and its way too dry.

  21. sophia4041Aug 25, 2011

    @f***youimtall thank you.

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