Does anyone know anything about brainwave patterns during meditation ?

Does anyone know anything about brainwave patterns during meditation ?

Question by spidstick: Does anyone know anything about brainwave patterns during meditation ?
I would like to know how “super meditation” CD’s supposidly work,i.e. how many hz’s our brains are resonating at during certain mental states etc. ?

Thanks for any responses !

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Answer by friendlysummer
Meditators have been studied using EEG equipment. The simple act of closing the eyes and clearing the mind produces an immediate decrease in brainwave activity. In the initial stages, brainwave activity remains around 13 to 14 Hz. With practice, deeper meditative states can be achieved. Experienced Meditators can achieve brainwave patterns closer to 8 Hz. Those that have practiced meditation for many years can achieve even deeper brainwave states. Meditation is a discipline that must be understood in order to be effective. There is much controversy in the West over the desired ‘result’ of meditation. From a technical perspective, no specific result of meditation is desired. In the meditative state, all experience is recognized, acknowledged and the attention is once again returned to the initially chosen focus of attention. Once an experience — any experience other than the initially chosen focus of attention becomes the focus and the experience, the individual is no longer in a state of meditation. A state of transpersonal awareness may take place at that time.

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    Yes you can get all this information if you learn simple meditation called as Sahaja Yoga. There is research going on in it and there are doctors who talked about the BRAINwave patterns during meditation.
    It is based on our subtle nervous system. The dormant primordial energy is present in every individual in three and a half coils in the triangular bone called “sacrum”- The Kundalini, at the base of the spine. When this gets activated on doing Sahaj Yoga, it ascends and activates one’s six subtle chakras and piercing through Brahmarandhra, it unites with the all pervading cosmic energy.” And with this actualization in the limbic area of the BRAIN, subtle cool vibrations start flowing from both palms and the top of the head. In this vibratory awareness, while one can feel what chakras are blocked, on the other side one can work out the correction of these chakras to cure different diseases.

    Over the last two decades, the increasing speed and pressures of modern living have been matched by an increasing need for ways co cope with them. Medical science is now proving what a growing number of people in the West have discovered for themselves: that the relaxation of true meditation has measurable beneficial effects on all levels of our being, with no damaging side effects.

    Anyone who has their self realization, which is achievable effortlessly through Sahaja Yoga, can feel the cool breeze of the Kundalini (in the Vedic tradition) or Holy Spirit (in the Christian tradition) above their head. Self Realization is a happening that opens a new category of perception to better handle our daily life. Its actualization is at the core of the teachings of Sahaja Yoga. In a way we are given a new sense, connected with the cognitive potential of the limbic area of the BRAIN. We all have powerful radar up there, waiting to start functioning and improve our navigational skills.
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