Was religion originally intended to be about egos?

Was religion originally intended to be about egos?

Question by Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!!: Was religion originally intended to be about egos?
Except Buddhism.

“Buddhists try to overcome ego, yet most other religions are the opposite in that they say “we are the best, and the only true religion that is really right…really…so believe us or else”. Ego is the problem because it is basic to most religions.” – Mikenanda

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Answer by Jaeh
I think it depends on the particular gods being worshiped. It is certain that Jehovah’s egoism has spread to his followers. But there are certainly many other faiths and philosophies that do not share this perspective.

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  1. jackdanyilsAug 27, 2011

    Some were originally about controlling the sheeple, keeping the serfs and peasants ignorant of everything but their obligation to pay taxes to and serve their Kings and Queens. If they refused they were killed , persecuted as heretics, tortured and burned at the stake, the ones who wanted to dissent were threatened with stories of eternal damnation and lakes of fire.

  2. worldneverchangesAug 27, 2011

    I feel it is the fundamentalists of every religion that says that. Most of the religious people mind their own business. I have met Buddhists who have said that Buddhism is the best religion and blah, blah, blah. Then again, most of the eastern religions do not advertise. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc. You don’t see them trying to convert people or force their beliefs on others.

  3. rosie recipeAug 27, 2011

    About the rich and powerful controlling the poor and uneducated

  4. min_kyawAug 27, 2011

    I guess it was the fear and expectation that gave birth to paganisms around the world. Say the fear of powerful nature that gives life and death, and expecting the reward from wonderful nature that gives food, shelter and many things.

    (The way kids play and explore suggests that children believe cause-and-effect relationships in the world are governed by fundamental laws rather than by mysterious forces

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