Why do some people think their religion is the only religion?

Why do some people think their religion is the only religion?

Question by GeorgiaGurl: Why do some people think their religion is the only religion?
I went to the library today looking for books on buddhism. Although, buddhism isn’t really a religion, I want to impliment it in my life. So, I couldn’t find any Buddhism books so I asked the lady at the front desk “Do you have any books on Buddhism?”
SHe started laughing along side another lady that was standing beside her, and she said “Honey, I don’t think so” while still laughing. And I was standing there, wondering WTH was so funny?!?!
I am sorry I should have left my own opinions out or worded it different. I defiantely don’t want to offend anyone. So, If you read the above post and feel offended, I am sorry.
In in Southern Georgia in a very small predominatly white town. Mostly everyone here are Christians…Thanks for repling everyone.

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Answer by White Tiger of God
1. Ignore them.

2. Jesus Christ said there is only one way to heaven

3. Take the hint of god is giving you and run with it.

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  1. malcyAug 27, 2011

    One word


  2. AuroraDawnAug 27, 2011

    Where are you from? I never heard of a library that wouldn’t have books on ALL religions! Ridiculous!

  3. rab2344Aug 27, 2011

    “Although, buddhism isn’t really a religion” You would make several million people upset.

    And it’s because they are bigots who think they are above everyone because of their false God.

  4. judith rAug 27, 2011

    Sad when you live in a born-again christian only area, isn’t it? Ask them to borrow some from another library for you to read.

  5. ParadiseAug 27, 2011

    There is only one religion according to the bible. If people didn’t think their religion was the right one, they wouldn’t belong to it.

  6. changRdieAug 27, 2011

    Where are you? In Mississippi? There’s even monasteries there. Utah maybe? You’ve got a computer. Google it.

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