Guided Meditation and Visualization: MEET YOUR GUIDE by Lilou Mace

Guided Meditation and Visualization: MEET YOUR GUIDE by Lilou Mace

Tune into an infinite source of wisdom that is within you. Tap into this source of energy and potential. Find the answers. You have inner wisdom that is one of the gifts you where given. Use it! This meditation, guided visualization will assist it. MP3 download is NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM. You will find lots of new meditations that i have created to assist you in day to day life. New visualizations NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM ‘Daily Law-of-Attraction Meditations and Visualizations’ by Lilou Mace and on LILOU MACE webTV Please share this meditation with as many people as you know. Namaste.

  1. eeblobAug 28, 2011

    @marleybob1311 haha!!! im sorry that made me laugh really hard..

  2. bubblegumpixie98Aug 28, 2011

    oh and shes called bolinda

  3. bubblegumpixie98Aug 28, 2011

    i had a lion type creature when i tried to find my animal guide but this time i found a late-teenage girl. quite shy and mysterious. she had dark hair and quite pale skin but not too pale. she wore a hooded black/grey cloak that covered her eyes. im not too clear on either of my guides at the minute if anyone could help me in finding them clearer please do.

  4. drumhealingAug 28, 2011

    Thank you……very juicy 🙂

  5. caldawn77Aug 28, 2011

    errm~~ is she my guide? long hair~~~ white dress~~~ can’t really see the face~~ silence all the way no matter what I asked~~~ however can see that her mouth like sometimes turn green with sharp teeths (like predator) and back to blur~~~ errm~~~ does this mean anything?

  6. AlexAnderFilmingAug 28, 2011

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  7. marleybob1311Aug 28, 2011

    My guide was an old man dressed in white with a cane….said his name was abraham!!!! hmmmmm

  8. christinat7fulAug 28, 2011

    I met my guide and had a conversation with him, but the video cut out and I don’t know what to do next??? Was the whole point to connect with a guide??

  9. BlackHawkDown1989Aug 28, 2011

    Didn’t really work for me. It did help me relax though.

  10. deliz53Aug 28, 2011

    great,except a bit too rushed and talky. 🙁

  11. KriscandoitAug 28, 2011

    WOW!!!! My guides name is James and he says he will stay with me as long as I want him to…..This was an interesting experience. Thank you for sharing.

  12. sarabeth1410Aug 28, 2011

    guide’s name is john?

  13. pieman6313Aug 28, 2011

    @the1revenge well i never was able to see what my guide looked like :(. maybe i was NOT focuses enough. my eye was twitching for some reason though. i felt a little tingly on my whole body and i felt some pressure on my chest. it was weird. it is normal to feel tingly and have some pressure on your chest/heart?

  14. the1revengeAug 28, 2011

    @pieman6313 often it may seem like your imagining it but trust yourself. your thoughts are not really yours, they’re sent to you by the greater conscious. don’t worry about not doing it right.

  15. pieman6313Aug 28, 2011

    Someone please help me. How do i know what my guide looks like. I tryed this 2 times, I feel very relaxed but I dont think I see/feel my guide at the beach scene. Do I talk to my guide with my thoughts or actual mouth? And how do I know that what they say is not my thoughts?

  16. SingLoidAug 28, 2011

    I’m typing this before the video starts… I’m not sure if this WORKS… but I want to see my spirit guide, so here I go!

    *watches video*

    I SAW MY SPIRIT GUIDE! He did not tell me his name, but he was a very tall, young man with long grey hair tied with a gold band at the end. He was wearing an egyptian robe made of linen. But for some reason my eye itched during the connection, which was wierd, but it was really peaceful and beautiful.

  17. poppyseeds91Aug 28, 2011

    this ALWAYS works.. my guide is beautiful cleopatra!

  18. DeepMeditationAudioAug 28, 2011

    Nice job. I love the subject of meditation and the brain.

  19. PattiRogersableAug 28, 2011

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  20. SEAM2120Aug 28, 2011

    I was so deep that I couldn’t move my fingers and toes. I couldn’t even rise when she was counting until she said like 5. It was like a giant rush. I felt so, different. I think I have a pretty food idea of my guide/patron.

  21. ianp9001Aug 28, 2011

    Stops playing at the exact same spot every time

  22. Redshoes531Aug 28, 2011

    impossible to concentrate as she never shuts up and stops talking!! Had no time to visualize. Rushed and annoying!

  23. JuggieCAug 28, 2011

    Omg, this was amazing…. I saw my guide!! I thought it would be female, but it was male (I thought it would be female because I’m very feminine) and I didn’t know how deep I was until she said “move your fingers and toes” and I COULDN”T. It was pretty scary, but so so powerful and I love it. Thank you for this….

  24. juffycccAug 28, 2011

    It worked for me… That accent was atrocious though… Where ya from? Brooklyn? Haha

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