Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

An easy guided Mindfulness Meditation. Presented by The World Wide Online Meditation Center: www.meditationcenter.com
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A 2 minuets meditation, openning & relaxing the Heart chakra. taken from Karma channel – Israel

  1. ashleybear808Aug 28, 2011

    I love this video, I’ve been using it to meditate to for about a week now. I do find myself wishing it were longer though :/

  2. JIrvine03Aug 28, 2011

    Just recently have gotten into Mindfulness Meditation and after feeling a bit bogged down by … “Do this” “Don’t do that” “Make sure to focus on not doing this” I found myself becoming stressed out about meditating…and I’m fairly certain this was not my intended outcome…

    While I stumbled onto your video after I had basically adopted your instruction on my own, had I found this sooner I would have saved myself some time.

    Simple, easy, freeing… Thank you

  3. McSassySassAug 28, 2011

    Loved this video. I”m just starting to learn about mindful meditation and this was perfect.

  4. MrItzdeathAug 28, 2011

    i love meditating, everytime i do i feel more peaceful about everything, i now even love people that i used to hate, i hate nobody now and love everyone and everything, and quick to forgive. if only i could live in meditation.

  5. MCSpidahAug 29, 2011

    Thankyou. 🙂

  6. ThoughtCountsTexasAug 29, 2011

    I love this video. I use it to guide me almost every time I Meditate. Sooo good.

  7. ciano24495Aug 29, 2011


  8. iPotentPatientAug 29, 2011

    That was amazing I felt as if I was being drifted away at sea.

  9. PhysiologicAliAug 29, 2011


  10. JahadEmYrAug 29, 2011

    Wonderful excersise

  11. danielsaun1Aug 29, 2011

    Thank you much good karma to you. I thought only TM allowed you mind to wander, I just heard of mindfullness last week.

  12. thevadeAug 29, 2011

    Thank you, that was simple and straightforward. This has helped me a lot with clearing my mind before studying and doing schoolwork.

  13. utubeknightAug 29, 2011

    Thank you

  14. LokisdottirAug 29, 2011

    Very relaxing and helpful. Thanks!

  15. relsenpeterAug 29, 2011

    I’ve been looking into Mindfulness Meditation, but have always gotten bogged down in the details. This explains it all perfectly.
    Thank you so much.

  16. Bodha8Aug 29, 2011

    Very well done, completely straight forward as Mindfulness Meditation should be. If you find it too short please allow yourself to continue on your own after it is done. Perhaps, if it is too loud, you could reduce the volume after the initial instructions. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank You.


  17. spacedub1Aug 29, 2011

    Great video. Wish it was longer, loved the music as well, thks!

  18. SoulCollagePNWAug 29, 2011

    I enjoyed this meditation. The music could have been lower or absent. Thank You you made it look easy.

  19. renekel12Aug 29, 2011

    i have really bad panic attacks that was good thank you

  20. TheSteveWhiddonBandAug 29, 2011


  21. eurewfaAug 29, 2011

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  22. PaintDanceLiveAug 29, 2011

    The meaning of Life is LOVE! -Namaste <3

  23. RoseannStewartAug 29, 2011

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  24. NicoleLeblanc100Aug 29, 2011

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  25. jeffriellyAug 29, 2011

    I new to this whole meditation thing I have been doing ones focused on love and have noticed more love for my self over the past weeks

  26. SunbeatableAug 29, 2011

    @WIGNSWORD I was 10 when I begun to think about life and understand it … I can’t believe that I opened my chakras (except the 7th one) and I can heal people (everybody can even if they don’t believe it) and I can’t believe that 3 years passed.

  27. OakOracleAug 29, 2011


  28. binsitarAug 29, 2011

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  29. NancyBivinsAug 29, 2011

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  31. PoisonInTheBlood6Aug 29, 2011

    I wish this video was longer..

  32. superpsilocybinAug 29, 2011

    @WIGNSWORD Cool.

  33. IDM011Aug 29, 2011

    i like this..in the past i would close my heart and i became cold..i like this..

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