Meditation for Beginner 1 (True relaxation)

Meditation for Beginner 1 (True relaxation) http Happiness & wisdom Meditation allows the mind to move less and finally stops wandering. Meditation is not just relaxation. A well-centered mind is the gateway to happiness, wisdom and eventually freedom. Meditation is the gateway off the realms to the immortal Nibbana (Nirvana).Nibbana : The realm beyond cycle of samsara. Meditation bridges the samsara and nibbana together. All the Buddhas and the followers who achieved the high level of meditation will be able to enter the realm of nibbana and leave samsara behind. Mind is the hub of every move. The true happiness, life can shelter under its roof. And the Mind only can do the proof. California Wat Phra Dhammakaya California POBox 1036 801 E.Foothill Blvd., Azusa, CA 91702, USA Tel. +(1)-626-334-2160 Fax. +(1)-626-334-0702 ————————- Why sit With Tension ? I ‘ve Told you,sit relax Do noting You do the same what was happend If you tired then adjust,sleepy then sleep if you wander open your eyes. Make yourself relax,don’t be so tense. Do what I said,soon or later you’ll feel joy. Meditation is not diffcult; follow Luang Por’s instruction ONLY Don’t do more sit,lie down or walk at the center of the body. Don’t force or stare,just relax…You will succeed. Strong desire make it fail, be still,be still,still you mind, Why sit With Tension ? I ‘ve Told you,sit relax
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  1. truebluepatAug 29, 2011

    @chof09 use a wall for your back, more important to be able to breath and have a mostly straight line on back.

  2. sarabeth1410Aug 29, 2011

    powerful and magical loved it, with your help i can now meditate

  3. xItsMicAug 29, 2011

    This helped me sooo much! I used to get bad stomach pain caused by stress, but I didn’t know it was stress. Later I found out it was, so I found this video to relax. Every time I felt bad stomach pain coming up, I listened to this and the pain dissapeared 😀 Now I can relax my mind and body even without the video. Thanks alot!

  4. salionthewayAug 29, 2011

    @chof09 not too hard for everyones to worry about how to to put your can lay on your bed..or sit ..whatever you want..the point is feeling your body relaxing and no stressed 😉

    well..i’m glad that you would like to try..that’s very nice..”don’t give up 😉 ” soon you’ll find the way of yourself to feel relax..and you’ll see the peace inside of you ^.^

  5. 13b1cdw9gAug 29, 2011

    i can’t sit indian style it hurts my hamstrings and i fall backwards

  6. Fourtwnty420Aug 29, 2011

    Can i get this in MP3 (not the streaming less-quality form) or CD?

  7. DirtyDirtyButtholeAug 29, 2011

    @freddiego60 ..yes … the only problem is falling asleep …

  8. PhenylbutanolAug 29, 2011

    I’m only have 2 problems. I can’t close my eyes perfectly. When I close them I sometimes have them relaxed but at times it ‘wants to open’ and I have to force is closed again..sorta.. I don’t know if you get what I mean.
    Second thing is I don’t know what to focus on when I have to fill my mind with happiness 🙁 Maybe it’s better for me to try it with music is special frequencies and focus on my breathing? I dunno what to do 🙁

  9. markusbolarkusAug 29, 2011

    i have ADHD and meditation really helps a lot. thanks for the great vid!

  10. jasonthebomAug 29, 2011

    wow, i must have been in full relaxation mode for 5 minutes before i opened my eyes and realize the video stopped 5 minutes ago, haha, must have worked

  11. CountryBarbie777Aug 29, 2011

    This worked great for me :). It might’ve worked a little better if my family wasn’t making so much noise in the house -you’d swear the walls were paper thin-.

  12. wheatleylanerAug 29, 2011

    Great job with this video thank you ALan Montrea

  13. FeetontheceilingAug 29, 2011


  14. amiable519Aug 29, 2011

    find ru center

  15. two0aceAug 29, 2011

    This is realty hard to do in a noisy camp lol

  16. ssikmoi88Aug 29, 2011

    I just tired this and I was able to get through the length of the vid. I am a beginner, first time ever. I will do it more often and see.. I get stressed and anxious, hope this helps. thanks for the video.x

  17. realslimvulcanAug 29, 2011

    I lost all focus upon reality several times there; just drifted away in happiness while you were silent. Tha was incredible/ Thank you.

  18. jasmyn5639Aug 30, 2011

    If the energy within your chakras is causing you to experience strange thoughts or feelings should you clear your chakras or just let it flow?

  19. melloz77Aug 30, 2011

    @chof09 u got to find the right balance and then u’ll find your sel relaxed in the sitting position. it takes time maybe, but is the first step to allineate your chakras

  20. MrMotihipsAug 30, 2011

    Thank you very much

  21. PasguiroqAug 30, 2011

    this relaxes me everything and gives me back the energy

  22. hsseriesauthorAug 30, 2011

    @thrashthemic Not to mention it’s bad for your spine if you slouch.

  23. hsseriesauthorAug 30, 2011

    @xxkageyumixx It’s never a bad thing because you have completely relaxed. I know a lady who falls asleep within five minutes every time she goes to meditation. But that’s just how she does it. It’s all about the subconscious working whilst your mind is at ease.

  24. mercury337Aug 30, 2011

    WOw. It what I needed to hear at this time. Sat Nam.

  25. theflamingwizardAug 30, 2011

    A sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are considered capable of “creating transformation”.

  26. MidEasternerAug 30, 2011


  27. jaskiratsingh1Aug 30, 2011

    he is indeed great. but infinite? isn’t that an adjective we reserve for God and God alone?

  28. karlasofia16Aug 30, 2011

    Can somone tell me where this video was taken? I think I see an image of La Virgen of Guadalupe behind him. Was he in Mexico?

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