“You Can Never Leave the Now”

William Nyogen Yeo Roshi takes the mystery out of the practice of Buddhism and explains how brain science and quantum theory confirm some of the basic teachings of the Buddha.
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13 thoughts on ““You Can Never Leave the Now”

  1. @gusheneshin, Yes he does. That teacher is Taizan Maezumi Roshi. Nyogen Roshi was his last successor. He practiced with him the longest – for 27 years.

  2. This is very good teaching. The ideas and images are totally fresh and totally effective. Great stuff.

  3. really enjoyd the video i was one of those person that could always see past the illusion but after seeing it so many times i actually thought the illusion is actually a reality but after seeing this video i actually woke up and more conscious about my reality!! thnx

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