Meditation For Beginners: What Are The Easiest Meditation Techniques?

– what’s the easiest meditation technique for a beginner in meditation – is the question that a lot of people are asking nowadays. Meditation has lots of benefits including helping you to relax and, at last, the western world is waking up to the idea of meditating on a regular basis. The only question that’s really left is where to start?

You’ll find these advertised in places like your local health food shop or alternative health center. Quite often they’re linked in with a yoga class as the two subjects can often go hand in hand. If you’re unsure where to start or need the kind of routine that a local meditation class offers then they’re well worth investigating.

If there isn’t a meditation class locally at a time that works for you then:

These have almost all the benefits of an in-person meditation class but with the flexibility in time scheduling to work around your needs. Which is great if you have an irregular routine or if a local class clashes with your other activities.


Because so many people are taking up meditation there are a myriad of online options available.

is well catered for whether you’re just starting out or want something more advanced. Most of these courses take the form of a guided meditation which talks you through the whole relaxation process and makes sure that you are following it correctly.

are readily available as well. You can choose from ones that are aimed at a general relaxation or others where you can use the power of meditation to help your body to heal itself. There are also guided meditations which are designed to help you connect with your higher self. These will lead you through the process of connecting with your spirit guide, the other worldly entity that many people believe looks after us in this life.

are also available for instant download. They are another great way to start the meditative process and, as the name suggests, will help you to relate to your core energy and bring you back in touch with yourself.

are slightly more controversial as traditional meditators don’t like the way that these MP3s allow you to short-cut the learning process that is normally associated with meditation. Instead, you just listen to an specially recorded track which does all the complicated stuff to get your brainwaves down to the level you’d experience if you had been practising meditation for years and years.

These are my personal favorite way to meditate and are the way that I personally recommend that you start out if you are a beginner in meditation. The reason that I think they are so good is that there is no learning curve associated with binaural beats meditations. All you do is press play on your CD or MP3 player and let the high tech binaural beats take care of everything else. They really are the simplest meditation for beginners method.

Find out more about meditation for beginners and check out how to meditate properly.

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