Reincarnation & Karma – 4 Reasons People Think They Lived Past lives as Famous Historical Figures

Article by Scott Petullo & Stephen Petullo

Too often, there are reports of people claiming to have been
glorified historical figures in past lives.

It’s a frequent misconception, perhaps encouraged in part by
somewhat unscrupulous psychics who tell clients how important
they were in their past lives. When people are regressed and
see their own past lives, it’s common to perceive experiences as
being both rich and poor, male and female, powerful and powerless,
productive and unproductive, and so on. If people perceive
themselves as a famous historic figure such as Cleopatra,
Joan of Arc, one of the Disciples of Jesus, or even as Jesus
himself, there are four possible explanations for this:

1. The person really was the historic figure in a past life.

2. The person is identifying with personality patterns
associated with the historic individual to such an extent that
the person believes he or she was that individual.

3. The person’s ego is adding to the session. For example,
perhaps he or she perceives through regression the ancient
civilization of Egypt and a woman who looked like Cleopatra,
or they may have been associated with Cleopatra, but the
regressed person wasn’t actually Cleopatra.

4. The person is somehow connecting to the energy or
consciousness that was once part of the historic figure.

Regarding those who consider people who believe in reincarnation
and past lives to be escapists and cowards, it actually takes
more courage to accept and live within the ideals of reincarnation
and karma because it means you have to take responsibility for
everything you do, say, intend, and feel for all that happens to
you. There is no such thing as a victim, you can’t blame anyone for
anything, and you “get away with” nothing.

Furthermore, physical death may be the end of our body, but
we are far more than just a body. Our soul consists of energy
or life force. Science has proven that energy never dies and
can’t be destroyed; it just takes a different form.

Past life regression can be used for entertainment purposes,
but more importantly, even if you don’t believe in past lives,
it can be a very useful and therapeutic tool.

Finally, it doesn’t really matter if the theories of reincarnation
and karma are valid or not, but if we all acted as if they were,
our world would be a much better place.


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