Spirituality: Karma? Reincarnation? What is it?

www.siddhayatan.org http www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Karma and Karmic Theory is full of complexities. Dr. Acharya Yogeesh simplifies some concepts of karma since most are confused on the topic. Karma, Rebirth and Reincarnation are discussed. There are only two eternal things matter and soul. Transcription What can you tell us about Karma? Good deeds bring good karma; bad deeds bring bad karma. Bad karma brings suffering and good karma brings happiness and prosperity. It makes life easy. To collect good karma your intention has to be pure. For example, if a beggar on the street comes across an accident and he makes every effort to help by putting his whole being there, he collects good karma. He did not have money and he couldn’t provide facilities to the injured but his intention was very pure. It means his soul is improving and he could come back as a higher person in his next life. Karmic theory works that way. There is no God that is telling you what to do. There is no “Almighty God” because an Almighty God will not allow suffering, like a father will not let his child suffer. A father will sacrifice anything to save his child from pain. This is an ordinary father not an almighty father. How can an almighty father let his children suffer? This idea of God that churches, synagogues, and temples perpetuate is for the support of the institution. If this idea is dropped there will be no institution of religion. So truth is withheld and those who do tell the truth are
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  1. @REAL88E i am no expert. but maybe just allow your mind to do what it does. dont really fight with it. its not easy though. i fight with my mind too.

    i think it is a natural thing for humans to feel guilty. it is like one of the basic things that all humans have, an inbuilt feeling of guilt, a feeling we dont really deserve good things in life.

  2. so, do we change our lives just by creating good karma for the future, or can we make other efforts to change our life? Are all efforts to change our life pointless, and we just concentrate on creating good karma, and our life will change by itself?

    then self help books are pointless, just create good karma.

  3. @Apink420 god let us come here volutarily to play in three dimensional form , something went wrong and we fell from grace in to war and suffering , now we reincarnate through hardship to heal us and bring us back to unconditional love

  4. ive always been told i have good karma when good things start to happen i feel i dont deserve them. as i actually look back i have had endless supply of oppertunities even now how do i recieve the good blessings happily and how do i stop verbally and physically pushing them away. as soon as something good happens i get depressed. when im cheated or lied on i feel like a corageous lion but i always loose the battle over and over again . ive been trying to force myself to alow my good karma help?

  5. I beleive acts rather they be good or bad are simply paths to an energy. everything is energy. within our energetic matrix that make who we are everything is also energy. Unresolved negative emotions that is of a lower vibration is what gives us energetic imbalances. doing well or having good done to us enables us to heal these imbalaces to make us whole. energetic imbalances, if not overcome will be took from lifetime to lifetime.

  6. do u think God put us on this earth so we can experience suffering? cuz i always wondered why such bad things are always happening and why God hasnt tried 2 stop it

  7. And it’s scary how much it’s currently changing. Money and power have corrupted pure intent of religion. I appreciate Yogeeshashram because of his positive outlook and responsibility through good acts.

  8. Also karma is passed through generations and sometimes even if you do good things bad things will happen to you.

  9. Karma is real.
    Law of karma is real.
    Always think positive and try your best
    good other people. and living things.
    Even if you are in bad situation. Try to do

  10. Its not necessarily unlogic because of this, in fact alot of people would argue that to say this child is handicapped because ‘it was just bad luck’ or ‘the way it is’ has far less logic in it than Karma. There is also a lot more to it than ‘do good things and good things will happen’…theres alot of tedious causation, philosophy stuff

  11. christianity has been terribally warped since it’s begining. up till the 3rd century christians did believe in reincarnation

  12. A king or ruler can do good things also you know. It is not fair to paint them all as power hungry or abusive. Some are actually quite selfless.

    People who choose to be kings may be souls who like being in control and bringing their ideas into fruition. They may like it becasue they are surrounded by resources and oppoutunities that a common person would not have. They may do it because they simply like helping people.

  13. Acharya – you say that if one collects enough good karma, they may “be a king in the next life.”

    But all kings have ruled by enslaving their population in at least one way, usually a lot more. You say about greed, “the more you get, the more you want”, this would lead a king to perform unspeakable acts in order to get more material possessions. No ruler is a good person, nor would they end with a positive karmic balance.

    Why be rewarded for good karma with a life that will result in bad karma?

  14. Karmic has all the answers to the life in this planet. Once you know a little bit of it you will be able to see the future. People who oppose Karmic theory are ignorent of Karmic theory and dont want to test it by inplimenting n ones lives. To check any Indian philosophy one has to take many strains and tensions and need to live very orderly which is not possible by people influenced by the western materialistic culture. Christianity/Bible is completly corrupt and teaches nothing but Buddhism

  15. One thing I see through prayer is that too many beg instead of being courageous enough to tell the truths and to accept the consequences. I see evil folks get quite rewarded because they are dishonest. They might be praying to stay in power and keep all the money they earned by being dishonest a..kissers. They often expect others to kiss their a…. like they do others. One reason I’m listening to this man’s wisdom. I believe in divine order.

  16. i was laughing about the chip inside of us…very true coz when we dead that can be shown to us when were in the other side of the world of what you are doing during were on the earth!!!

  17. yes exactly. and you don’t even get to find out until you die. and then when that happens you forget it all anyway when you are reborn.

  18. i believe karma and reincarnation punishment and reward we learn no one can remember but we have feelings from past life’s

  19. Karma is unlogic, because i cannot believe that a handicaped Child, is guilty because of a bad former life, because the child mad things in a former life? i don’t believe in this punishment, its nearly the same like heaven and hell in christiianity.

  20. I have only one problem with karma. You recieve the results without any transparence. It is like to be imprisoned, but nobody tells you why you are imprisoned. Nobody cares to tell you even a lie. You have to find out by yourself. Very rightful by Tschibo (äh Shiva!).

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