Best Mantra Meditation Technique – So Hum Healing Mantra (free article with full details). So Hum mantra (Sohum, Soham) is undoubtedly one of the best and most powerful mantra meditations from the Hindu scriptures. This mantra meditation is great for emotional healing and bestows joy and peace. It is often prescribed for depression. More details on www AnmolMehta (dot) com,
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14 thoughts on “Best Mantra Meditation Technique – So Hum Healing Mantra

  1. @ClaudeMcBanister meditation works like homeopathy, even at a slower pace. You never realize when you improved and how much you have improved. What you are experiencing is just temporary and you would start feeling same or less depressed after a few days. it takes 3-6 months for meditation to transform you. TIP: do not eat non vegetarian food, fast food, alcohol, and nicotine etc. talk less and ave lots of water. do pranayam before meditation. it is must. for more deatils feel free to contact.

  2. I want to be able to do it. But I keep thinking about stuff. My mind is jst in overdrive all the time. I have a form of PTSD so its so hard to relax

  3. What is enlightenment?Not satisfied what all the chakras and third eye talk?Wake up the dormant power within your spirit.It is time to take the blindfold off, THE-HIDDEN-SPIRITdotCOM

  4. @ClaudeMcBanister That’s awful. I’m a great believer in the benefits of meditation, but it’s by no means a cure all. I work in mental-health and will message you if t hat’s OK.

  5. Once I have meditate without closing my eyes. Was just like if somebody pause my existence, for 8 minute I was free.

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