Everything in moderation*moderation is key*?

Question by MISS MANNERS: Everything in moderation*moderation is key*?
Key to what? If your doing something moderately,your taking it easy,not giving it your all etc….I have never seen an Olympic gold medalist get to where they are by means of moderation.
Or a successful business person,an actor get a golden globe for practicing moderation.
Who came up with this hoop-la? I think it was a type-p that got completely misconstrued and is now more then moderately out of control.
I believe perhaps someone of ancient wisdom said”Everything is meditation”.
Meditation and tea”
And someone who had been drinking moderately like a sailor,misunderstood what the wise man said.

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Answer by **Mercy**
Moderation sucks!!

Live life to the fullest. Experience everything.

Be passionate about everything you do. That’s my motto.

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2 thoughts on “Everything in moderation*moderation is key*?

  1. Moderation generally means not to overdo things. Don’t eat until you are too stuffed to move. Don’t exercise too hard so you will have a heart attack. Thant sort of thing.

    It does not mean not to strive for the best in everything you do. It does mean don’t go off whole hog without a plan. Don’t want everything today, plan for tomorrow.

    It is general advice about not going off unprepared. That is all.

    (These are all expression that are designed to make you think before you are sorry)

    Good Luck!

  2. If you think of moderation as ‘balance’ then everyone has a different level of moderation. An olympic athlete requires some down time, some emotional/social input, etc, or they will burn out early.

    Moderation in everything… including moderation in moderation.


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