Q&A: Any advice on breathing?

Question by tobey: Any advice on breathing?
no, seriously. I recently read this book called ‘the fine arts of relaxation, concentration, and meditation” and found it very helpful. i just find that my ribs and chest are tense on the intake of breath, almost as if my body is worried that it won’t get enough air. exhale is relaxed. Anybody else have this problem, advice?

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Answer by Emma E
This is something you should probably ask your doctor, he will be able to give you all the correct information on breathing patterns and such.

If you smoke or have ever smoked, that may affect it. It could also be you have a broken rib or something and you don’t know about it, i’ve heard of that happening. 😛

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  1. You are in the first stage of relaxation: awareness. You have become aware that you are tense (believe it or not, not only is it possible not to know, but most people don’t!) and so it hurts. Continue but gently. I would recommend gentle stretching too, hatha yoga is ideal. Direct your breath gently into the area of pain, put your hand on it and gently massage it. It should ease.

    If you’re serious about getting good benefit from meditation I would check out http://www.tm.org and Donald Epstein’s book THE 12 STAGES OF HEALING.

  2. Keep doing it.
    Sounds like you have a good book. One thing that helps me relax when I am preparing for auditions is to breathe in through my nose for four counts and then exhale more slowly through my mouth for 12 counts. Doing this six or seven times will often calm me down.

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