Great Books for the Pagan and Wiccan Parent

Teaching paganism to your children can be difficult. In the past, there have been few resources available aimed at pagan and Wiccan child-rearing. In the past few years, several great texts and workbooks have appeared that help pagan parents help their children along the path. Here are some favorites:

Pagan Homeschooling: A Guide to Adding Spirituality to Your Child’s Education by Kristen Madden

(Spilled Candy Publications 2002)

This book is a great primer for parents to raise their children in a pagan tradition. It not only discusses how to begin to home school your pagan child but is also filled with activities, spells, rituals, and arts and crafts.

Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk, Diane Baker, and Anne Hill

(Bantam 2000)

Circle Round focuses on teaching children earth-centered traditions, including the eight pagan holidays in the wheel of the year and shares recipes that are easy to make with your children. There are traditional stories retold and favorite rituals (like carving the Samhain pumpkin) explored.

Family Wicca: Practical Paganism For Parents and Children by Ashleen O’Gaea

(New Page Books 2006)

Family Wicca was originally published ten years ago and remains the go-to resource for pagan families. Although written through a Wiccan lens, this resource can be successfully interpreted by many other Pagan paths. This book covers all stages of life including death, birth, and hand fasting. Family Wicca also teaches how to answer difficult questions about the Path from children and non-Pagan family members.

Witches’ Datebook by Llewellyn

(Llewellyn 2008)

Llewellyn Press releases a Witches’ Datebook and a Witches’ Calendar every year. Not only is it helpful for a pagan parent to plan with, but is full of pagan recipes, rituals, and astrological information. A great resource to have your children plan their homeschooling lessons in. The dates of all of the Sabbats are included.

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities For Parents and Children by Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw

(Destiny Books 1995)

This book is full of activities related to the Wheel of the Year to share with your children, including making smudge sticks, making handmade ornaments for the Yule tree, and making dream pillows. There are many activities related to nature such as gathering wild food on a nature walk. It also includes a handy list of supplies you will need for all of the activities.

Pagan Children’s Workbook by Lady Eliana

(Twin Serpents 2006)

This small book is a great introduction for young children who are learning the pagan path. It includes descriptions of the holidays and rituals as well as coloring pages. Not a lot of meat here but a good workbook for younger children.

Written by Angie Mohr
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