How to Make Herbal Liniments John shows you how to make herbal liniment using dried comfrey root, valerian root, calendula flowers, cinnamon and cayenne. An adaptation of the classic Jethro Kloss herbal remedy for aches and pains. The liniment will be applied to the skin and the alcohol will evaporate rapidly allowing the herbs to penetrate quickly to accomplish such actions as relieving sore muscles and increasing circulation.
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40 thoughts on “How to Make Herbal Liniments

  1. Is there a way to convert these measurements to volume instead of by weight? I don’t have a scale of any kind.

  2. vinegars (apple cider, rice,) make great liniments. No need to use alcohol, even on skin.

  3. Is there a maximum amount that Cayenne pepper should not exceed? I noticed that there is very little of the cayenne being used.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to make this informative video. I like how you broke it down, step by step.

  5. Thank you for your video. I use everclear to make lotion and was wondering if I would be able to incorporate this liniment into my lotion recipe.

  6. Good video, but would like to know how to properly clean fresh roots so as not to destroy properties, and should they be chopped?

  7. I have always been under the impression that we could not ingest witch hazel but someone told me recently that isnt true but I dont know yet. I do know that you can make apple cider vinegar herbal tintures that can be ingested tho. The apple cider ones dont last a long time like the alcohol ones do but it still works.

  8. @newheys Lovely plot George. Are you using Microsoft’s Movie Maker as an editing tool? Comes with *most* PCs

  9. i’m addicted at looking at people’s allotments, maybe because i don’t have one, it’s impossible to not to notice the love ,passion and care that went into this allotment, not to mention the cash and time, fair play to you sir, you have turned it into a wicked place , if i was a pigeon, your allotment would be like heaven ,i wouldn’t let any intruders in it,

  10. George, I have got to commend you for such an innovative , productive, and easily managed garden. I look forward to more updates.

  11. WoW….I’m very impressed….very awesome gardening for sure….:) Thanks for your videos!! Hope you win a grand prize….:)

  12. @newheys wow whats going on in that facebook page? I’ll check it out. I like your black currants. Real nice set up.

  13. WOW! that is so AWESOME! I’ve been thinking about growing corn in my raised beds but I wasn’t sure if it would work! I guess it does! 🙂

  14. Nice Video. I have a dummy question: can one grow veggie direct on a organic compost or do i have to mix with a soil? keeping in mine that my soil is sandy really sandy. Thank you

  15. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say your plot is amazing and i’m just starting out this year. I was wondering how big your plot actually is?

    Thank you

  16. Thank you for the kind comments. I won the best plot competition in 2010 with the addition of a further half plot. Unfortunately I got a new camera which I just could not get to edit properly.
    2010 is a new year and I have a lot in store. You can get a taste on my facebook allaboutallotments page

  17. This is, without question, one of the nicest raised bed gardens I have ever seen. I also LOVE your Potato planting instructions, and can’t wait to use your method this year. Thank you for your wonderful videos.

  18. Wow! Just found out about your video, Dr. Cook! And you’ve given me inspiration on how to go about our allotment garden project back here in the Philippines! 😀 This is truly amazing! 😀 Would love to see more updated videos and pics!

  19. Your allotment looks amazing. It must have taken a lot of hard work to get it to this point. Thanks for posting the video, it has given me lots of ideas for my allotment. I particularly like your small greenhouses and frames and will be constructing something similar for my tomatoes, chillis and melons.

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