A Ritual Request for the “Left Hand Path Comes Together”

I request that all people interested perform a ritual of sorts, and if you feel comfortable with the idea, videotape it and put it on youtube to affirm your unification. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so but will perform a ritual, just let me know!
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Menopause update as well as some musings on menstrual cloths

25 thoughts on “A Ritual Request for the “Left Hand Path Comes Together”

  1. @TheKJVforever Christians drink blood and eat flesh all the time.

    The average lifespan of a witch is equivalent to the average lifespan of any human being within the same rough socio-economic and geographic stratum. However, Satanists aren’t generally witches.

  2. It come from Satan and His angels.Are you guy mating with devils again like in Gen 6.If so that’s sick.I heard you guys eat and drink blood,p*** and dung.cannibalism is also a practice .Dont you get it, it’s for your destruction.Satan hate’s man and will always will.The more you anger God the less time you will live.What’s the average life span of a witch or a rock star.

  3. You don’t have to ask, many will just do Styx. We will know by April 2012 who the Republican Party will have as their corporate front runner and the all the problems their right wing media will hit upon the USA to divide the nation and stir social violence. Rituals to strike the GOP before November 3, 2012 will be of better use than waiting so long till Dec. I’ll whip up a few cauldron hexes long before then. Love that rabbit to left of screen. Curse of Bunnyman!

  4. @dollarability Through whom would it be published? I would be interested in obtaining a copy. You are a practitioner of Thelema, I assume.

  5. My “ritual” will be the publication of a ms. Ive had sitting in a drawer since the mid-1990s, entitled The Secret Wisdom of 666. It is a philosophical study of the works and writings of Aleister Crowley, “the wickest man in the world.” Hope that qualifies. 🙂

  6. @arkonastriborg123 Speeches, perhaps musical performances, artwork displays, discussion groups for further organization, rituals, and a great deal of symbolism. It will be a bit like the 8/8/88 rally only hopefully, larger, and more technologically inclined.

  7. @arkonastriborg123 We’re not gathering al together, didn’t you watch the other video where he explained everything?

  8. so whats going to happen at the left hand path get together are we just going standing there?

  9. @bamboo4tameshigiri hahah well i live in the mid valley of beautiful Oregon. probably not a short trip to you am i right? i don’t really even know our friend very well we had a short interaction awhile back so no vouching
    haha. but a sweat lodge sounds real nice i’ll have to find one sometime

  10. I will do the “Elektrischen Vorspiele” on that date. I have never done that ritual yet, so that date will be a good occasion to use it for the first time.

  11. I am 25 years old, and it is still considered taboo to talk about menstruation and sexual health. I have come across many girls my age who have no idea about their lady parts and weren’t told about it other than the little information the received in public school. I’m just dumbfounded by this ignorance, even now. I researched and studied about my body at the age of 9, a couple of years before I started menses, just so that I could be fully prepared.

  12. I never knew that certain things could bring on an early menopause. Ten years of menopause, wow!.

  13. As a kitchen/herbal crone, I’ve never been able to find anything to ease the 25-35 daily POURING hotflashes. Still refuse HRT, but decided to live with menopause MY way. I sold my house, moved to a new state & finally realized my dream houseboat. Proof that the universe has a sense of humor: I moved to Texas, which has so far had a record 50 days of over 100 degree weather! ROFS(sweating)!

  14. My mother took me to the same movie at school. I am turning 60 and felt so much anxiety and confusion related to my body, sexuality and bleeding time. Illness brought me to a new awareness of my body that has lasted most of my adult life. I treated my changes much like you did and it is refreshing to hear your wise and warm words.

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