EatTheWeeds: Episode 03: Crepis Japonica, False Hawksbeard

Learn with Green Deane how to recognize and prepare Crepis Japonica, (youngia japonica) springtime salad ingredient, pot herb and wild food.

23 thoughts on “EatTheWeeds: Episode 03: Crepis Japonica, False Hawksbeard

  1. Thank you for telling me what plant is taking over my yard thank fully I can fight back with a sald lol

  2. @Lester284L No. I don’t know which Catsear your are referring to but on Catsear is Hypochaeris radicata, which had edible leaves.

  3. These vids are amazing simply amazing! I’ve been watching them non stop the past few days. Thanks alot Green Deane! & Opa!

  4. I nearly choked when I heard the end of January.

    In Minnesota, it can be -40 for a day or two near the end of January.

  5. Buttercups are nasty, diesel. I’ve gotten some in the bunches of sorrel I collect for tea and they make it taste horrible.

  6. What an interesting YouTube Channel and website you have developed. I recently found you online and now cannot stop myself throughout the day learning about edible plants. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others.

  7. This is the best ever! I know this plant. I see it in my garden all the time. I love weeds and I try not to dig them out of my garden.

  8. The large leaves tend to be more bitter. And since you are in Orlando, you might want to look up my schedule of classes. I’m back in town Feb 26 and March 7

  9. Today, I identified a crop of the Crepis Japonica in my backyard (East Orlando) and I ate some leaves of various sizes in my salad tonight. I found it to be very tasty. I plan to pick some of the larger leaves for steaming this week. This will definitely save on my grocery bill and improve the quality of my diet. Thanks!

  10. Great video, just like the other videos and thank you.

    nom nom nom, yum, Crepis Japonica!

    The wife and I are signing up for your local foraging class; we’re fortunate enough to be living in Casselberry.

    So, the day of class, is lunch on you Green Deane? heh heh.

  11. great videos im ust starting to learn as I have become disgusted with society and the poisoning of our food by the likes of the Monsantos’ of this country. I dont want to pull an into the wild moment like Chris Mccandless and end up dead.

  12. It does have second season in the fall, not as extensive as the spring. I saw some this past weekend in Winter Park.

  13. I have just discovered crepis growing at my new house. It is on the Oklawaha river and in a very sheltered location. How can it be growing this time of year? I ate quite a lot of it early this year. Truth be told I gorged myself on it (LOL) so am sure its crepis. Have you ever seen it growing this time of year yourself? Thanks

  14. We had a tortoise that would eat as much of this as we could find. I wondered if we could eat it, too. He made it look good! 😀

  15. You are welcome… remember … they are far better in the spring… this time of year they can be quite bitter.

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