Q&A: Fellow Wiccans, IS there such a word as “Wiccanism”?

Question by prairiecrow: Fellow Wiccans, IS there such a word as “Wiccanism”?
Hello, all:

In response to a recent question of mine, someone called the Wiccan religion “Wiccanism”. When I pointed out that there’s no such word, I received an email stating:

“‘Wiccanism’ yes there is such a word, look up your Latin.”

This left me scratching my head, because

(a) The root of the word “Wicca” is certainly NOT Latin in origin;
(b) Latin words don’t usually end is “ism”; and
(c) I’ve been Wiccan for 16 years and never heard the word “Wiccanism” used by anyone who knows anything about our faith.

So, am I wrong? IS the word “Wiccanism” a valid term that I just haven’t encountered in learned circles?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to respond in a civil manner.

Best answer:

Answer by loveakamaru4ever
I dunno if it is accually a word :S but i have never heard it before

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19 thoughts on “Q&A: Fellow Wiccans, IS there such a word as “Wiccanism”?

  1. LOL

    I saw that. I know I’m not Wiccan, but I looked at that post and laughed when I read that answer.


  2. It’s just Wicca. It came about in the 1920’s so the latin dosn’t have much to do with it.

  3. Can a nonWiccan answer?
    The correct term is “Wiccan” or “Wicca”, not wiccanism. I may not be pagan, but I am anal about words.

  4. No, “wiccanism” is not a word, and I studied Latin enough to know that the word “wicca” doesn’t stem from Latin at all.

    This person is obviously not very educated in either Wicca or Latin.

  5. I have never heard it. I highly doubt it is a valid term. However I wouldnt be surprised if it was used as a slang word for wiccan beliefs. Like a feminist belief or someone who believes in the feminist way of life is a follower of feminisim. Bootylicious (i know weird word when discussing religion but its the only example i can think of off hand) was not put into websters dictionary until like 2 years ago but that didnt stop people saying it all the time before it. I think its the same thing as “wiccanisim” I dont think its a valid term but someones probably using it like it is

  6. Generally, people who use the word “wiccanism” don’t have a clue as to what it is, and shouldn’t be speaking about it.

  7. That word cracks me up! You are correct in thinking that there’s no such word. As far as I understand it, only uneducated non-Wiccan people (the educated people know the difference) use the word to describe a religion they have no understanding of. Wiccanism….*snort*

  8. I’ve only see the word Wiccanism online from people who were misinformed.

    I was a classics major, and Wiccanism is most assuredly not latin.

    Um….no W in Latin.

    (Which is why there is no W in Theban, BTW, it was created for Latin, not Greek or English.)

    Edit: Was this the same one who keeps saying Wicca is the original Christianity?

  9. I have never heard of it. I laugh @ look up your Latin…it doesn’t remotely sound Latin or spell like Latin that I know of. Granted I am not an expert in Latin but I think I know enough to know that a troll was on the loose!

  10. Never heard of such a word…never…closest thing would be Paganism, and We know We are Pagan but lol Wiccanism…lol i dunno…who knows…maybe it will become a word? lol like Wiccan Humor.

  11. answer; You’re correct. She isn’t. Wicce is Anglo-Saxon, not Latin. There is no word as “Wiccanism” – that’s ridiculous.

    Wicca – religion
    Wiccan – follower of said religion

    Paganism – a general term describing a variety of religions
    Pagan – follower of a pagan religion

    Heathenism – paganism specific to Anglo-Saxon England and Northern Europe
    Heathen – follower of Heathenism

    Asatru – Northern European Heathenism
    Asatruar – follower of Asatru

    Theodism – Anglo-Saxon Heathenism
    Theodist – follower of Theodism

    what other terms can I list……… hmmm

  12. have no idea
    i invent words all the time though
    im pretty sure ive tried to use wiccanism
    but just because i invent them for the moment
    doesnt make them real

  13. I have never heard the word before. I have never studied Latin either, but from what the others on here have said, i have to agree. It is not a word.

  14. You are right. There was no such word. It is only showing up recently on this site and there are those who like to think they know it because they believe (and in most cases are right) that no one will look it up or have no knowledge of what they are bluffing about such as latin…

    Don’t sweat it. I find it interesting that people like to add new words to the dictionary even if they are not real… Shows guts and imagination.

    Blessed Be.

  15. I thought the word Wicca came from the German Word Witche which means Witch. Yes I have seen this word on the internet but It is not a proper word. (it sounds like someone has used it like the word Paganism).

  16. Wicca is the system of Religion……Wiccans are those who practice Wicca. So Wiccanism would be the study of those who practice Wicca, I would guess. LOL, Kind of a branch of Anthropology.

    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

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