Living the Wiccan Life: Daily Manifesting

In this episode Lady Krystel and guest Rev. Don discuss a technique for daily manifestation
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Please, if you know the name of this song or singer/band, post a comment or send me a PM. THANK YOU!
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50 thoughts on “Living the Wiccan Life: Daily Manifesting

  1. There are several things I want to manifest can you do more than one of these a day?Iit’s hard to remeber everything.

  2. hello once again hello im a new blood fro a new witch what ever you want me to be ^_^ im having trob thinking and seeign the ball of light can you help me or is the a thing i must do on my own

  3. wichcraft will take you to HELL
    JESUS The Second Adam The first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit For indeed He was crucified because of weakness, yet He lives because of the power of God For the Messiah also suffered for sins once for all, an innocent person for the guilty Jesus saith I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    worship no other gods

  4. people,

    if a man or woman doesnt understand why we show these videos just ignore the unknowing people and send them light and wisdom instead of yelling and swearing to them…. thats not what the wiccan law has taught you!!! Bide the Wiccan law ye must, in perfect and perfect trust! Eight words the wiccan Rede fullfill: An ye harm none, do what ye will, Lest in self defence it be, always mind the Rule of three. Follow this in mind an heart, and merry ye meet and merry ye part!

  5. Hi Eelman 🙂 I watched this video and noticed you were here. A male witch is not called a warlock, he is a witch. By your standards, I see by what you have typed, it is by the church that they are called warlocks.

  6. Thank you Magicktv, I find your shows very helpful.

    EelMan4, The only way we will ever have peace is when people like you stop persecuting others, but treat others with love and respect. I don’t blame you entirely, you were probably manipulated and taught into thinking that way. But know this, we are all different people, with different religions, sexuality, races, etc and should not be judged with a group. You should’t even judge anyone at all, leave that up to the higher and divine power.

  7. pfffft… i am done talking to the likes of you.

    but dont worry. we will discuss this again on Judgement Day… when you are condemmed to hellfire.

  8. again wiccan dumbass you are wrong. The Bible only says that blasphemy or cursing God is wrong.

    and please. I am a rightous and just man. I would never want to know you, filthy wiccan peasant.

  9. tisk tisk tisk, Aren’t ” Christians ” not supposed to have the mouth of a sailor? Why do you insist on homosexual acts against Wiccan’s? Are you a fag yourself? You seem to be using it a awful lot. As for being ” Wicked “, you dont even know me pal and quite frankly, you wouldnt even get the privilage to get to know me cause your a jackass and dont even know the religion and you judge people and contradict your own shit…

  10. *yawn* typical wiccan fool. i shall be chuckling. when you have a big smoking-hot demon cock in your little magical fairy asshole.

    and see people for what they really are ehhh?
    well you are a stupid wiccan asshat who sucks on the Mother Goddess’ titty and thinks he can use the Force.

    and i remember a saying from the Good Book also…


  11. * yawn * Yes yes yes, the made up bullshit of Christianity still makes me chuckle till this day. Does it even matter what side im on? Even if I did believe of either what difference does it make to you what side im on? You judgmental shithead. How about you stop judging people by there religion and see for what they truly are. I remember a saying in the bible like, thou shall not judge???? Wow contradict your own shit. Good Job.

  12. i do not care, witch, if you do not believe in Hell. It’s there. And will be your home for all eternity!

    and a warlock is a male witch. also a RANK in the Church of Satan.

    yet in the end ,my friend, everything is black and white! You are either on the side of God and the rightous! … or Lucifer and the wicked ones!

    If I were you I would start worrying about your immortal soul.

    yet even now its still not to late.

  13. Wicked Wiccan’s? Hmmm how about you look at your own people for a change instead of pointing the fingers at others? Oh and by the way we dont believe in a hell, that is a christian passage. As for being a fag? Hmm where did u get that conclusion? Im married… and a Warlock is a satanist… you really need to get educated dude…. And if we are talking about fags? Your good friend Shockawenow is the one getting f***ing up the ass daily.. and he is one of yours.

  14. I like how a Buddhist mantra started all of this arguing. Let’s just all agree to disagree.

  15. The asatru have ice, fire and the in between. Ice heated up can become gas. Lava (earth’s fire) cooled down is land.
    And we can curse. In fact, we believe that if you cannot curse, you should not try to heal. It’s a balance thing as well as a comprehension of how everything works together.

  16. Respond to this video… That goes against the laws of physics. Magick and physics are not separate, and in fact feed off of each other. Just think of how many things were once considered witchcraft and are now just accepted as science. We go along more with Newton’s laws: opposite and equal reaction for every action.
    We have 3 elements, land sea and sky. Fire, to us, is a living breathing entity. It lives, it dies, it breathes and needs to be fed.

  17. @TheBitchdaughter
    Actually, there are just as many “denominations”/paths of paganism as there are christianity. I’m a druid reconstructionist. We learn from the old ways and the lore.
    One of our biggest issues is that we do not have a “God figure” and “Goddess figure”. To us, that would be like saying our deities have a multiple personality disorder. Minerva is not Suils, and vice versa.
    We don’t have the rule of 3 from the wiccan rede.

  18. whatever label people want put on this song it is still a song that sings to the soul so that will do me!
    Freedom and respect to all whatever religion you are from. Just the fact that we can still find someting to believe in in this world is a joy in itself!

  19. @TheValknot
    If we all everyone could live as we do what a wonderful world it would be x
    Pagan,Wiccan,Buddist ………..what does it matter as long as we have love in our hearts and tend to the earth we live on, and as long as our children are adored.
    I have looked into asatru a bit over the years and I can see why you love it so much x

  20. Music is music. Each person takes what they want/need from it. I leave it to others to determine what belief system they want to use this for. Christians have some beautiful music that tell stories, share morality, and offer praise. I am not Christian, but I use those songs as a way to share in someone else’s faith and view of the world. Besides, if you don’t know what they lyrics are, you can make up your own interpretation and listen to the tone to determine what it means to you.

  21. people, who cares which religion or faith this beautiful song is from……just enjoy it. after all there is room on this world for more than one religion and faith.

  22. Om tare tuttare ture svaha.

    All I know is that this is a sanskrit mantra from Tibetan Buddhism resembling the White Tara. Yet, very nicely composed.

    Blessed be.

  23. @TheBitchdaughter I’m non-denominational. XD I just go how I feel I should worship in my heart! :3

  24. dude, this is christian song… Kyrie Eleison! Byzantine music… :S It’s on Koine Greek… don’t put stuff u don’t know about..

  25. @Willush
    kyrie Eleison technically just means the lord/lady have mercy on us. Whilst it is used in the Christian religion, it is not exclusive to Christianity 🙂

  26. @Willush ill stop the debate all togather this is Green Tara mantra | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation just in a song

  27. @TheBitchdaughter
    I am a Norseman who lives by the ways of asatru, I can agree to one thing on here…Live your faith free and proud, never back down and never let anyone ridicule you for what you believe.
    I am not Wiccan but I am a Pagan who follows his ancestors ways in asatru and the old Norse traditions.
    Sigr Ok Valhall, Helga ve thetta ok holdh vordhr

  28. @loki0152 Ahem…. did I say something like that? I cant remember I did say that every pagan women or every pagan man needs to believe in “god” or “goddess”… O.o

  29. @TheBitchdaughter I would like to say, that Im “just pagan” and i do practice rituals… O.o

  30. @Willush as they say ewery wiccan is a pagan but not every pagan is a wiccan.
    pagan is peuple who are deticated to the nateur in any form who seaks to liv in harmony with it dont beliv me hit it up. witch means not every pagan belives in good or goddess

  31. People!! Stop arguing. As I understand it, it is a hymn too all religions – therefor they sing buddhist mantras, praise christ, shalom etc.
    This is indeed a beautifull piece of music, and it has some magic to it. It flows.. strong. The mindset of praising all religions can be both of the old mother religion, Wiccan and Buddhist. “There are not ONE true answer, or ONE true road”.

  32. Im a Panthiest and I agree with all of you we are all children and students of the same spirit and earth lets keep it that way

  33. Try again firnsternis. Not everything is christian. Just the reverse.. mostly. Its a buddhist mediation

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