Nature’s Lullaby – Peaceful Ocean Sounds – Relaxation – Meditation

Nature’s Lullaby – Peaceful Ocean Sounds – Relaxation – Meditation

Sounds of the ocean with a relaxing focal point.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the head behind your eyebrows. This Chakra is related to our ability to perceive clearly. Intuition, insight, and imagination are also associated with this Chakra. Tighter – shorter – better. Picture: Ted Chambers Audio: Douglas Pieper/Ted Chambers Audio Engineering/Mix: Douglas Pieper These mediation pieces are an attempt to clear your mind by grabbing your attention. I hope they act as a conduit from our fast paced media saturated lives to an inner center where one can then sit and relax and meditate properly.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. wonsong94Sep 10, 2011

    Ads made me uncalm

  2. franciscodudefulSep 10, 2011

    @2btime Thanks buddy. I dont understand why people dislike this.

  3. franciscodudefulSep 10, 2011

    I sure love to come to this after listening to Bill Oreilly.

  4. 2btimeSep 10, 2011

    @togamazzz You are welcome!

  5. togamazzzSep 10, 2011

    awesome vid, it’s very relaxing. thanks 4 posting it!!!!

  6. DeepMeditationAudioSep 10, 2011

    Nice job. I love the subject of meditation and the brain.

  7. staihaceSep 10, 2011

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  8. WageofwarSep 10, 2011

    thanks for posting this, needed to relax & think, just the thing : )

  9. 2btimeSep 10, 2011

    @affrodude298 Thank you! I appreciate the comment. This channel is intended to be peaceful with nothing scary.

  10. affrodude298Sep 10, 2011

    Hey thx for posting this at least ur not one of those d bags who puts one of those scary maze game face at the end right before you drift in to sleep and it makes you wide awake

  11. 2btimeSep 10, 2011

    @FALLOUTMADLAD You are welcome!

  12. FALLOUTMADLADSep 10, 2011

    @2btime thank you this actualy helps me sleep and relax again thanks

  13. 2btimeSep 10, 2011

    @timesmash You are welcome! I appreciate the comment!

  14. timesmashSep 10, 2011

    thanks for posting this

  15. CthulhuPISep 10, 2011

    Third eye?

  16. nujissSep 10, 2011

    this definitely sounds like some Hyrule music Tri-force meditaion xd

  17. saintmartiniqueSep 10, 2011

    open mind in all direction,s

    sankt martin

  18. rafarabeSep 10, 2011

    Thank you, very much!!!!!

  19. deathfalkSep 10, 2011

    Is this solfeggio? If so, which? Thanks.

  20. nikosomegasSep 10, 2011

    @MrJolanl ofcurse

  21. Kush1000777Sep 10, 2011

    keeps me curious i wanty to go inside 0.0

  22. realkedSep 10, 2011

    والله من ابدع واروع ما سمعت فعلا موسيقى توقظ اليقظة الداخلية لنا

  23. wolfyluver13Sep 10, 2011

    @tbone81395 it’s your third eye… lol

  24. 22HMAC22Sep 10, 2011

    light body activation…little by little the rays shine through until you are totally illuminated. ahhhh just beautiful 🙂

  25. MrDansharkSep 10, 2011

    Great video, thanks.

  26. TedChambersSep 10, 2011

    @MainelyLove wow: how cool a review, thanks

  27. tbone81395Sep 10, 2011

    the space between my eyes are cold and my head feels very weird its like its pulsating through my forhead where the spot between my eyes are, like something is projecting out… what does this mean?

  28. MainelyLoveSep 10, 2011

    I agree with the others this is one of my FAVorite mind altering vids on YouTube. Thanx for creating, my “inner self” responds to it in some way every time, so the visual pattern and sound/music must be resonating with my mind/body in a compatible way. Love it, using it, already interesting effects.

  29. N1XSOUNDfxSep 10, 2011

    @TedChambers Is that suppose to happen?

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