Q&A: When you hear the word “Pagan”, what do you think of?

Question by sue: When you hear the word “Pagan”, what do you think of?
I’m just curious what everyone thinks when they hear someone say “I’m Pagan.”

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Answer by viki
a non believer of god

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32 thoughts on “Q&A: When you hear the word “Pagan”, what do you think of?

  1. Fat chicks dancing naked around a bonfire, singing crazy songs and smearing goat’s blood all over their bodies.

    But I think the reality of it is probably nowhere near as fun.

  2. i used to think of weird wicca stereotypes, now my mind goes to tawaen.. a young professional woman, with an alternative religion (not mainstream)

  3. A nature religion.

    Which would leave the followers of Zeus out, I guess. Sorry, followers of Zeus!

  4. Unfortunately it’s the old stereotypes that spring to mind first for me; blood sacrifices and bonfires, that sorta thing. Yeah, I know, not a good thing, I need to work on improving that. However, I know enough to stop myself from actually acting like that’s what Pagan MEANS these days, so I’m not all bad…

  5. Many gods, however literally believed. Someone who considers Nature to be alive, conscious, and delightful. Someone who does not have sexual inhibitions.

  6. i suppose anyone other than a follower of Christ but i find it difficult to label followers of other religions with that word.

  7. Satanism…..I used to be a white Witch and learned that I didn’t want to be a witch. I had an amulet that was supposedly to be protection from evil. The amulet had a 5 pointed pentagram on it with the 2 points up and a crown on top which means Satan is Master. I belong to God I’m going to heaven.

  8. I think of myself, and many of my friends who have chosen Polytheism over strict monostheism. Who have often chosen to honor the earth, rather than revile her. I think of people who are fairly easy going, believe Science has yet to discover everything, but reject nothing Science has currently discovered, and people who otherwise, are much like anyone else I’ve come across in this world.

  9. “Lace”, a TV mini-series I watched in the 80s with Bess Armstrong, Brooke Adams, Arielle Dombasle, and Phoebe Cates. Brooke Adams’ character was named “Pagan”.

  10. Even though I’m a Pagan, because my religion is Hellenismos (Hellenic Polytheism). I usually think of Wiccans, Druids and other ‘Earth-Based’ Neopagan religions, because they are more well known.

  11. I’m not Pagan. I live in Taiwan, and “pagan dan” is Chinese for “bacon and eggs”.

    Pagans were the pre-Christian Europeans, whose faith got stepped on and demonized in keeping with the ham-fisted evangelism that went on at the time.

    New Age Paganism is a backlash against Christian Fundamentalism. In their rejection of theologically-flawed Fundamentalism, people are throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    We Christians know better these days–or at least most us do.

    The other answerers reveal a fundamental mix-up between Paganism and Satanism.

  12. I find it really funny that when you asked what people think of when you say you are pagan and the first response is a non believer in God…hahaha she doesn’t even know what it is! Its a religion that believes in several Gods. Which is funny cause if you start reading the Bible there is a lot of similarities between the Neo-Pagans and Christianity…as far as values and doctrine go…and the symbolism used is almost identical as well. I think it is an extremely interesting religion (my sisters Neo-Pagan and I’m Christian and we talk religion all the time) But if I’m being completely honest I think of hippies when I think of Pagans. Like Dharma’s parents on Dharma and Greg. Even tho my sister is this corporate lawyer and stuff this is the first thing I think of. Stupid Media.

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