The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?

Question by TrueVentus: The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?
Well i have this friend and her religion is “Wicca” I search it up and i wonder they believe in god? Yes?

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Answer by Ginger
Only very young goths who don’t get out much.

When they’re 30, they’ll have kids and allotments and ride their bikes a lot.

It’s cute.

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3 thoughts on “The religion Wicca, is it for Goths?

  1. Out of the couple hundred Wiccans I’ve met, I’ve only met a couple that were Goth-ish.

    Wicca is a polytheistic religion. We believe in god(s) and goddess(es). Many either do not believe in the Christian god, or believe that he is one among many gods but is not what he is described to be by many Christians. Most Wiccans honor the pre-Christian pagan gods.

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