who does a “wiccan ” serve?

Question by craftsmanunltd: who does a “wiccan ” serve?
im curious as to what the chain of command is in this organization…or religious sect…..
and where was this religion formed and by who?

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Answer by XxKayla_The_RaverxX
all the gods and goddessess.

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  1. I think they are more of a personalized religion than that. I do not think it is really all that much of an ‘organization’ or ‘sect’.

  2. Since a “wiccan” is of the occult they serve satan.
    You cannot serve two masters. You either serve satan or God our Creator

  3. One great god and a motherlike goddess. There are many variations on the theme but they are often represented as the Sun god and the moon godess.

  4. i am wiccan and let me explain it…

    we worship god….but we believe that god has many names…..when we are doing a certain spell, we will call upon god by different names depending on the spell

    and wiccans do NOT worship the devil like so many believe…..wiccans don’t even believe in a devil or Satan….so do NOT BELIEVE ANYONE ON THIS FORUM THAT TELLS YOU THAT WE WORSHIP THE DEVIL, PLEASE!!!!!

    a spell is a different way of praying……in the christian religion, if you would like help…you would fold your hands and talk to god……in the wiccan religion, if we want help, we light a few candles and say a chant………but its the same thing……

    the result of any spell we do, comes back 3 times…..if we harm someone when doing a spell, we will be harmed in the same way, 3 times or 3 times worse……

    now you asked how it was founded?….no one really knows because it was one of the very first religions to exist….

    i hope i was helpful……

  5. not all wiccans subscribe to the idea of ‘serving’. some covens have a hierarchy where the high priest or priestess lead the coven, but others use a system of consensus. likewise, some consider themselves servants of the lord and lady, but many see the gods as metaphors or as dispassionate observers. there is no universally accepted dogma, and practices vary widely from one coven to another or among solitary practitioners.

    i’m an ecclectic pagan, and equality of all things is a central theme of my beliefs, so nobody serves another.

    wicca was created by gerald gardner in the 50’s, based on prechristian celtic practices, but it is not a reconstructionist religion, it is a modern interpretation. no wiccan believes in satan, the concept of extreme good and extreme evil is inconsistent with wiccan and pagan beliefs.

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