Meditation – Reflection & Relaxation, Raise Your Vibrations

Experience a flow of positive energy with this meditation. Music; Hanshan Temple Please relax now. Take a deep luxurious breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep wonderful breath in and exhale it out slowly. One more deep breath. Exhale out. The breath is your conscious union with the Divine Force. As you do this meditation, allow yourself to love. Visualize in the area of your heart, a white light, first just twinkling, sparkling, then becoming larger and more radiant. Enlarge this light until you can feel the light throughout your whole body. Now make that light larger than your body, expand it outward. Stay there for a moment and feel the warmth and bliss from this expanded light. Feel peaceful and safe. Visualize this light turning to pink, like a pink mist, pink, the vibration of love. Allow this vibration to pulsate through you, renewing your awareness that all things are possible with love. Accept this feeling of love. Allow yourself to feel this love expanding your heart. Permit yourself to love more and more – feeling more and more love. Feel the light throughout your entire body and expanding outward even more. As you sit there, visualize sparks of light going on around the planet. See others awakening, their lights coming on, first white then pink. These light waves now touch one another, like stars lighting up the earth. See them becoming intense energy centers of love, charging each person to grow, to become, to love more and be loved more. See
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18 thoughts on “Meditation – Reflection & Relaxation, Raise Your Vibrations

  1. this is so very beautiful, thank you
    before reading the description i envisioned myself in the most beautiful part of nature that i can think of, a giant maybe mile long treee, i climed up into it and sat on some branches and let my body become one with the branches, connecting. and then lots of birds, pretty little birds were flying around and they landed on me. then feel the energy come up through your roots and up to the top, turn it to a flower, then let the seed fly up into the sky.

  2. Any idea of what is being sung? Really beautiful, so it would be nice to know the words.
    Thank you. Namaste.

  3. ammmmmmm!!….. WOW!!…. this truly was an Amazing experience… i know this is going to sound strange… but i felt like i was sharing the consciousness with an eagle flying over snow capted mountains… only to wake to find i was humming with the music as if i already knew the song!!! What tha!!!!!! OMG THANK YOU … now excuse me while i go to listen again!!! :))

  4. So beautiful! Thank-you for creating this piece to calm. Peace and Love to you always. Love jP

  5. thankyou again for posting this, it helps me feel and remember the light that surrounds me, which makes me smile, and brings me back into the now, this moment, where I realize how beautiful and amazing the things truley are that I normally take for granted. 🙂

  6. this video and music is so amazing it almost had me in tears.many thanks for sharing this..peace and light…

  7. PLEASE please please will someone translate this!? Pretty Please?
    Aloha, salamat, bien, E’ Kosi, Merci, thank you, XIE XIE!!!

  8. great video very peaceful

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  10. This is the most beautiful Meditation I have ever listened too. It gives me chills every time I hear it. Peace to the Universe Love Carolyn.

  11. I get chills every time I listen to this Meditation! It’s as if someone is standing beside me as I listen. I love it so Much, It has a very calming affect to it and brings me to tears each time I hear it. Love to the Lord for creating such Beauty. Peace to the Universe.

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