Wicca First Degree Lesson 2, Cosmology by Witch School

The main body of Lesson 2 from Rev. Don’s Lessons for First Degree. Cosmology – God, the Universe, and Everything. The full video is available from WitchSchool.com
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12 thoughts on “Wicca First Degree Lesson 2, Cosmology by Witch School

  1. @iqfrenzy it may sound Christian, however the light and dark DUALISM isnt present, instead there is a light and dark DUALITY. the light and dark are equal and opposite to each other. they complement each other. in Christianity, the “light,” is the “good,” which “saves,” us from “the dark,” and all that is “evil,” and “satanic.” in reality neither light nor dark is evil, they are the polar masculine and feminine forces of reality.

  2. I just want it to comment that I have heard four different peple comparing deity to a diamond:a Christian, a Buddhist; a Hindu-inspired guru and nowa Pagan. Fascinating,as Mr. Spock would say 🙂

  3. This is a “BIG” help for me. Have the book and reading along, doing the exercises is really good I’m new in this been studing for about 5 months when then I came accross this site and then “You tube” has all the lessons. WOW Perfect. Wish I wouldn’t have dropped from the course, but I like doing things my way 🙂 “Blessed Be” )O(

  4. @Dansback21 hello dansback, you can read about he Vangello della Streghe on google…… and from there on you can read articles or even books about it…. Rev. Don in this video talks about it too… 🙂 good luck and blessed be!

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