Q&A: Does all types of pagansism relate to the horned god and tripple goddess?

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Question by Clemmy: Does all types of pagansism relate to the horned god and tripple goddess?
Ok I was just wondering cause i have this book about wicca. “earth,air,fire and water and more techniques of natural magic” Would I be worshiping these gods? I plan on doing further research into pagansim. I find it very interesting.

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Answer by Muhammad, Prophet of the Muslim Faith
paganism means basically “anything that’s not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim”. There are many different types of paganism, The most popular modern neopaganism is Wicca, which is actually more influenced by the New Age movement than actual pagan beliefs.If you’re looking for actual paganism, find a culture you identify with and study their ancient stories and texts. Greek, Norse, and Egyptian will give you the widest body of work to study.

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  1. There are many forms of Paganism, from many different cultures. Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Canaanite etc. Keep reading about it, you will learn a lot. You can worship whoever you like in Paganism, broadly speaking.


  2. Paganism is just anything non-abrahamic.
    I am a Wiccan Witch (witchcraft is not a requirement to Wicca & any form of Paganism)
    Most pagans worship more then one God, if not all of them do.
    You could consider Hindus as Pagan, however on a whole, Wicca is probably the most common linked religion to Paganism, also.. not all Wiccans worship the horned god/triple goddess. (though if honest, the minority probably do).
    Their are many forms of Wicca (and i’m not going off subject from Paganism here) including Eclectic Wiccans, Solitary (don’t practice in a coven) & Celtic Wiccans (Tend to be of Irish Heritage).
    All of which beliefs vary, a Pagan could worship the likes of Zeus which origins are greek and the next could worship ancient egyptian Gods.
    Some worship all Gods, however Pagans tend (and i’m not speaking for all of them) think of them as Deity’s that are entity’s that can be invoked, however physically not real- confusing I know.
    I personally believe the Gods to be real in every way, I leave a open mind to possibility’s, however I put all my power into the Goddess, I see her as my way of life and the most divine deity in the universe, other gods such as the norse Gods.. perhaps could exist, however I do not fully believe in them.
    It depends on the person, and that’s the beauty of Paganism, there is no right or wrong answer & no book probably written by a deluded mad man for example the Bible setting down the rules of a religion and the punishment for not following them (a hell).
    It basically depends on the individual, so no.. not all types of Paganism relate to the horned God or triple Goddess.

  3. Paganism is a very sensible thing because most of it is worshiping things that you can see exist, the sun, trees, the moon etc, thanking the sun for shining and giving you vitamin c is more sensible than thanking a man on a cloud for life

  4. Absolutely not. The horned god and triple goddess largely originated in Wicca, “Paganism” is a very large group of separate religions. Each needs to be judged on its own merits. Each has its own beliefs, gods, ethics, history, etc.

    Also, please be aware that studying “natural magic” might have nothing to do with ANY gods. Magic is different from religion.

  5. You only worship that God and Goddess if you identify yourself of the Wicca religion. Pagan’s have different Gods and Goddesses of different pantheons. Example the Egyptian, Aztec and Nordic pantheons do not lead up to the Horned God and Goddess of Wicca.

  6. Paganism is an umbrella term for anything non-Christian, non-Jewish and non-Muslim. That includes all of the Asian religions such as Shinto and Buddhism, which have nothing to do with the Horned God and Triple Goddess. I think you’re thinking more along the lines of Wicca because the Horned God and Triple Goddess are more of a Celtic tradition, although one could argue there being a Triple Goddess and Horned God in Ancient Greek Religion (such as Pan) but I would think you’re leaning more towards the Celtic/Wicca side in reference to that.

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