Q&A: Pagans: why cast a spell when action is required anyway?

Question by Jack1081: Pagans: why cast a spell when action is required anyway?
I’m an agnostic reading up on this fascinating topic. I’ve read “everything paganism” book and a few websites.

It seems that you can either pray OR spellcast. Whichever you choose, you still need to take physical action (new job spells, new lover spells, new car spells, etc). Why go through all the trouble with a ritual WHEN you could just go out there and take action?

Thanks guys/girls.

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Answer by Dionyus
Spell casters are posers that don’t know what they’re talking about and that really isn’t paganism… the pagans which were no real group in particular were mainly herbalists, shamans, and astrologers.. Paganism is basically just anything that doesn’t agree with backwards xtianity…

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  1. response: for those who do magic, it’s an aid, not an ends and not a short cut. Some pagans do protection rituals around their house or cars. That doesn’t mean they ride around without their seat belts fastened or that they don’t lock their doors.

    It’s an aid. People do prayer/spellcast AND do the work.

    Me, I’m not 1 for magic.

  2. the laws of the universe happen….ever heard of be careful what you wish for….your mind is powerful and can will anything…

  3. Who says you can’t do both? Say you want to open a door. Laying your hand on the doorknob to turn it (spellcasting) and asking your Gods for a little extra strength/help are not mutually exclusive actions.

    And any experienced Wiccan or witch (not necessarily the same thing, and many Pagans have nothing to do with spellcraft) will tell you that magic is useless unless you take concrete steps in the “real world” to make your desires a reality.

    A quick primer in the theory of magic, at least as I was taught: The universe is a Rube Goldbergian machine of interlocking energies. Being skilled at spellcraft means knowing how to lay your hand on a particular part of the machine and exert pressure to cause changes in another part (often not visibly connected) of the machine. So while you’re out there filling out job applications and handing out resumes, the magic is working “behind (or under) the scenes”, causing things to turn out in your favor — even if it’s only in a psychological sense, by making you more confident for example.

  4. The purpose of prayer and spellcraft is the same: to put your intentions and vibrations out into the universe so that it will come back to you. Of course you still need to take physical action, but the point of spells and rituals is to put you into a different state of mind, a trance state, from which you are able to project your will and intent out into the cosmos. When you use every tool available to you in order to manifest an outcome, it shows the universe (or God, or what-have-you) that this is truly what you want, that you are willing to focus your entire Will onto this outcome, and thus is it more likely that it will be given to you.

  5. That’s a very valid point. Perhaps ‘spellcasting ‘ is a way of confirming your wishes and intentions in your mind and heart – perhaps it gives that bit more confidence allowing the individual to make it happen – turning wishes into reality.
    I am an atheist but also find paganism very interesting.
    Good question- I ‘ll ponder it some more .

    have a good life.

  6. Sorry to tell you, but those are certainly not the only two options. Many of us don’t bother with spell casting. We *do* just get up and go. For those of us that do magic, the spell is merely an aid.

  7. Not all pagans even practice magick, and those that do use spell casting sparingly. This is not what the books would have you believe, when their loaded cover-to-cover with spells for everything from making the opposite sex find you attractive to keeping your poop solid the morning after a Taco Bell binge.

    Yes, action is required in most things. Spell casting is simply a way of altering the odds in onesfavor by ffocusing your will or psychic energy towards the goal you are trying to attain. Its a help, but usually not all that’s required.

  8. Well, you’re right to a point. However, there’s a difference between prayer & spellcasting. Prayer doesn’t require focus or actual specification. Spell rituals fine-tune a person’s concentration on a very particular thing. I haven’t bothered with ritual for years now, I find spontaneous magick to be the most effective….

  9. I dont do magic and im probably going to be voted down for this but the way I understand it is Its a mind trick they do to give themselves more confidence in whatever they are doing.

  10. Spellcasting is useful to relax and focus the mind. A well-done spell will make it easy, natural even, for you to take the right action. It never, ever replaces action; but it can help you align with the best natural energy so that your take the best course for what you want to accomplish, without a struggle.

    In this way it’s like shaping a clay pot so that the water you fill it with takes the form you want of its own accord. You still have to fill the pot. But you can make things fall into the desired place naturally.

  11. A magic ritual is essentially just a way to focus your Will and intent. I don’t particularly believe there’s anything supernatural about it at all, it’s mainly psychological.

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