Q&A: why do mass meditations look superficial?

Question by Lex: why do mass meditations look superficial?
This question is for everyone, but I believe that someone who would attend this sort of thing would have a more beneficial answer for me.

Example -” Yoga Festival 2008: Pawan Guru – Wisdom of the Breath Meditation ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLASTlYyxY8

I am not out to point fingers or rattle cages, just want to know why I percieve it this way and am I the only one to do so??

I am only looking for something…
I don’t believe I mentioned that I ‘was’ any particaulr religion, being out of the loop is not something I would refer to myself as, but thatnks for the info.
Tuisson: I’d like to believe you, it’s not that my westernized mind can’t grasp it, in fact If I were a western mind then I would be TOTALLY used to it, since the west is host to some of the largest churches known to man – where this kind of thing takes place too – just not while in a meditational posture. – How should I believe something that looks wrong, none of them have any rhythm, they look like the living-dead, energy? – no, more like hypnosis, and where are they all in their lives but searching, like me, what is the difference? Did I have to attend the ‘mass-festival’ to awaken?

Moheana: I want to agree with you, I am almost certainly already in that notion, but I have a question, yes it is harder to concentrate being alone, but where to I find that it is starting to have an effect on my life? What are the signs that show I am doing for the right reasons, what are the right reasons? It should take alot more patience and persistance.. it does, what else should I keep in mind?
Alex: Einstein said that Curiosity has it’s own purpose, then I will find my way soon enough. I cannot be sure of the safety of this mass meditation, just as there are black holes in space so are there black holes on Earth, the energy a star spends in the process of anihilation by a black hole is consistant, but not for the star. *make reference*
(hence consistant mass meditational energy – my opinion). therefor the new question is: how does a soul (star) know if it is becomming the product of engine to something other than ‘self’?
Many thanks for your input. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by damienbfree
the only way to know is to try meditation for yourself

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: why do mass meditations look superficial?

  1. Oh man, that is not superficial. Those people leave there flying. The group energy becomes very powerful with a room full of people. It takes a little getting used to for our western minds. Try it with an open mind and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Hey, I grew up with this sort of thing and I can tell ya, as soon as you open your eyes and look around, it does look hokey. Let me ask you this, have you ever been to church and when the minister says, “Please bow your heads in prayer,” YOU look up? That looks hokey too. No offense intended.

    The problem is that you are out of the loop.

    Try getting inside the loop by doing a simple guided meditation, but this time, actually close your eyes and go with it. There are plenty of these available on YouTube.com and I’ve provided a couple of links below. I believe that if you go with the flow and actually get into it, you will find the process completely different than watching from the outside, and I guarantee your head won’t explode.

  3. Meditation is very good, but I would not participate in mass meditation, because it is close to mass hypnosis. Meditation should be an individual thing, and you need silence, both inward as outward, silencing your own thoughts and worries, and allowing love and peace to take place in your consciousness. It seems easy, but is very hard work, in an unsual way. And is very rewarding.

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