Solving the Mystery of Dualism (Video 1 of 5)

This series of 5 videos offers a compelling solution to the mystery of dualism and the hard problem of consciousness. It contends that there are two epistemological hurdles that have prevented man from solving this mystery, and they are both a consequence of evolution.

4 thoughts on “Solving the Mystery of Dualism (Video 1 of 5)

  1. 1) When we look at all relations, we should probably not think of them as a (thought of a thing, nor as a thing thought of) neither one of those actually is efficient. The idea that a distinction between thought and thing is necessary to live may be simply the beginning of an evolutionary process; an abstract concept that at one time was necessary, but now is simply not as useful.

  2. 2) However both qualities are a part of experience, and cannot and probably should not be totally ignored, so to maintain both the appreciation of appearance and reality while doing without those pesky appearance reality distinctions, we may further abstract both concepts, the physical and the thought of the physical into a unified experience, where our experience becomes the abstract concept of an asymptotic point of intersection between them, and experience becomes reality.

  3. We ARE our consciousness.

    The physical realms is subject to how are consciousness displays it.

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