What right do Christians have to call all other religions “pagan”?

Question by Vonlau: What right do Christians have to call all other religions “pagan”?
The word “pagan” is such a derogatory word when used to refer to a religion. Most Christians look down on other religions like Shintoism, Hinduism etc… as false religions. I mean it’s really annoying when a christian runs around yelling: “Woohoo, I’m Christian and God will save me! Yo you pagan! Yo burn in hell b****!”

I’m not saying Christianity is a bad religion but the religious tolerance of most(NOT ALL) christians is a -100 and it’s… can’t express it.

Why don’t the christians put themselves in a believer of another religion’s shoes? Would they be happy if a mob would be throwing stuff at them or giving them the evil eye for believing in “kami”, “Buddha” or “Shiva”?

And if you wanna know: The asker of this question is A DEVOTED CAHTOLIC.
A DEVOTED CATHOLIC… who’s a teeny bit a Shintoist.. O.o
I know, Pagan means.. I think it was field. (We have Values Education and I’m top student(in that subject only 😛 ))

But Christians(SOME) use the word pagan to refer to a heretic, non-believer or something of the sort instead of using it to refer to a field.. or villager.
Agree with ejsy05. That’s why i capitalized the words SOME and MOST

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Answer by Daughter of God
Totally agree with you… no further comments 🙂

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8 thoughts on “What right do Christians have to call all other religions “pagan”?

  1. A better question is why don’t more Christians understand the definition of the word “pagan”?

    And why do so many think it’s a synonym for “heathen” or even “infidel”?

    Peace to you.

  2. Yeah… what right do other christians have to use a derogatory term that was invented by devoted Catholics?…

    373 The term “pagan” (pagani, villagers, equivalent to the modern insult, “peasants”) is introduced by the Christians to demean non-believers. The non-Christians are called “loathsome, heretics, stupid and blind”. In another edict, Theodosius calls “insane” those that do not believe to the Christian God. The Christian priests lead the angry mob against the temple of goddess Demeter in Eleusis and try to lynch the hierophants Nestorius and Priskus.

  3. I think it’s just a case of mistaken definitions. “Pagan”, whilst originally meaning “a countryman” or similar, is now defined as someone who practices a pre-Christian religion. It’s harsh, I know.

    I’m not really that supportive of religions at all (Shintoism’s cool but I’m afraid I still see it as mythology) but I kinda cringe whenever someone refers to themself as a pagan. It’s like they don’t know the name of their own religion.

  4. Well God is merciful and loving to all, He judges all according to their conscience. It is also true that the Christian faith is a free gift from God. A gift depends on the giver so if He chooses to highly bless those who believe in Him then praised be His Holy Name. Also there is only one true religion, there cannot be several contradicting and at the same time true religions.

  5. im christian.. and i have never called other religions “pagan”. Remember.. one bad christian doesnt represent all the good ones there are.

  6. Well it’s not most Christians who run around speaking like that, Christians are supposed to spread the Gospel – not keep it as a private club just for us.

    Tolerance means a willingness to listen to another person’s point of view and examine the evidence they present in support of it – it does not mean we have to accept their beliefs and convert to their way of thinking. It is also a two-way street and they should be prepared to give you a fair hearing.

    And it’s the God of the Bible who calls other religions “Pagan” and he proved he was more powerful than the false pagan Gods through his prophecies and miracles which they were incapable of matching.

  7. Sadly, most Christians don’t understand, and have trouble putting themselves in the shoes of a minority religion. Many consider Christianity to be under assault, which does seem a little odd, since some studies show the US at over 85% Christian. ::shrugs:: However, many consider the problems that Christianity encounters when its dominance is challenged to be an attack… which means that they already perceive themselves to be the target of persecution. As such, they don’t see a reason to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Sad, because that means that they don’t get the view that others have – that Christianity really does have it good in the US, and that the rest of us have to struggle twice as hard to keep up. A change in viewpoint could go a long way towards understanding, IMO.

    That said, though, some of us Pagans actually wear the title as a badge of pride. If those folks want to call us names that clearly state we’re not with them – we quite happy with that. That way, no one can mistake us for one of them.

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