Has anyone used frozen herbs?

by mrmole

Question by Because: Has anyone used frozen herbs?
I was in the grocery store & saw what I am hoping is a marvelous little invention- “fresh frozen diced herbs”. They are by “White Toque” and come in a little shaker box. I purchased the shallots, chives & basil. It says to use the same amount as fresh herbs. I freeze just about everything, but I have to confess that this idea never occurred to me. Before I make my favorite dishes, does anyone have any experience with these? Many thanks!
I’m not so much concerned about flavor as I am about texture. Will it matter in things that are not cooked?

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Answer by Lea S
yes, i think that its just a great idea, i mean who thought? easy fast herbs in a little container. It works just great with recipes. I prefer to use fresh herbs, but really when your in rush these work really well.

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  1. I’ve been using frozen herbs for years. I buy them in season at the farmer’s market and freeze them for use through the year. I have never noticed any change in flavor.or texture. I use them in salads and as garnishes. I’ve never tried them commercially prepared.

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