I keep hearing about Wicca/Wiccans. Is that considered a religion? What do Wiccans believe and practice?

Question by kacey: I keep hearing about Wicca/Wiccans. Is that considered a religion? What do Wiccans believe and practice?
Like, is the pentagram part of Wicca? I’ve always wondered what that stood for. I’ve been shopping for rocks and crystals because I want to collect them, and I see a lot that are categorized as “Wiccan.” How is that a part of the practice? Also, is “Wicca” the same as “paganism”? All these different names are confusing!

Please, I’d like to hear from some people who follow Wicca or can speak objectively about it. I understand that there’s probably people who don’t agree with it, but only hearing from people who hate the whole thing won’t help! Thanks a lot!

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Answer by Maurice H
Their “witches”; but they’ve been watching too many halloween cartoons and I wouldnt subscribe to them if I were you.

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  1. Many Wiccans use crystals in healing ceremonies. Wicca is understood to be an evolution of paganism, believing in two divine spirits, the god and the goddess. Wiccans are also considered witches by some, and devil-worshippers by others.

  2. It is officially considered a religion, but some people don’t consider it as such for some reason. Like, for example, there was this one Wiccan who served in WWII, and they wouldn’t put a Wiccan symbol on his tombstone because they didn’t recognize it as a real religion. It was only recently (I think within the past week/month) that they allowed the symbol to go on his tombstone.

  3. If I don’t answer I can’t see the answers.
    I wonder also!
    I have found more Information on the web.
    So I see the practice as some foolishness but it is the same as having a rabbits foot or lucky coin ETC just gone extreme.
    If you need to get special attention such a secrete group may do for you . I may laugh!

  4. Wicca follows a lot of teachings of love, and reverance for nature, the crystals have to do with earth spirits and so fort, Paganism is more of a blanket term, wicca is a slightly more uniform, but no two wiccans are exactly the same, the pentagram stands for all 5 elements, earth fire air sea, and spirit.
    so yeah, email me if you would like to talk more about it.

  5. You rolled a lot of questions into one.

    Yes, Wicca is a religion. Wiccans are followers of that religion.

    Gemstones are used as talismans, offerings, etc. But there’s no reason for you not to use the gemstones. Wiccans use herbs for magickal purposes, too, but you can still cook with them.

    Wicca is a modern Neo-Pagan religion. Neo-Pagans try to integrate the worship of ancient Gods and respect for nature into modern life. A Wiccan is always a Pagan, but a Pagan is not always Wiccan. I’m a Pagan who was once Wiccan.

    The pentagram is a Wiccan symbol; it’s also an easy way to draw a star. More commonly, it’s surrounded by a circle, and that’s called the pentacle. It looks sort of like a person with all four limbs sprawled out; the five points also represent air, water, fire, earth, and spirit.

  6. You’re asking a question that will take a lot of explaining…..in short:

    Yes, the pentacle is a part of Wicca. It represents the elements and spirit. Rocks and crystals can be a part of it. There are several “branches” of Wicca and they don’t all believe exactly the same. All Wiccans are Pagan and a part of Paganism but not all Pagans are Wiccan. Paganism is a blanket term for any who don’t believe in the Christian faith.

    Here is a link to some more detailed explanations. http://www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm

  7. Wicca is a religion. its a nature based religion. Its followers go to great leangths to appreciate the beutey and wonders of the universe. Its a pretty peaceful religion. their sayingd are harm none love all, Blessed be, and loveand light. the pentagram represents the 4 elements of the world earth, air, fire and water.
    i think that the 5th point is the goddess…dont quote me there. the only way it would mean anything bad is if it were upside down where one point was down and two wee up. then it wouldnt be a wiccan symbol at all. Wiccans beleive in spiritual aspects of the world. they worship mant gods and goddeses. when wiccans do spells they are almost never bad. for they beleive that if they put a spell on someone it will come back on them.in 3s. certian crystals are said to bring different energies.
    well im not a Wiccan but my husbandis and i think they are very peacful people. i hope ive helped a little.

  8. Wicca is generally a nature based religion that is a recreation of what is believed to be practices of ancient people – it is not an “old” religion – fairly new in fact – but is similar to what is felt was practiced before Christianity came about in early pre-Christian societies. There is no written history of what was actually practiced so really it is surmised from some relics and legends. Their holidays are based on the seasons and cycles of the earth. Most (not all) are somewhat Goddess based and also may worship a God. Wiccans all follow a Rede – harm none do as ye will (in short form – there have been a lot of modifications to it and you will see various long forms) Most (not all) practice some form of witchcraft in spells and ceremonies. There are several forms of Wicca with some differences in practices and beliefs – some join covens and some practice solitary.

    I’m not exactly Wicca but kind of have a parallel beliefs. I would be Pagan ( perhaps a witch) – Pagan being any belief system outside the mainstream Judeo Christian and Muslim – but nowadays pretty much refers to Wicca and other nature or primitive based religions (Asatru, Shamanism).

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