Is Mars not considered too manly in some forms of paganism?

Question by virile romulus jedi ghoul: Is Mars not considered too manly in some forms of paganism?
I ask this question because I had an answer deleted to this question:

“Is Heathenism the manliest path of paganism?”

There was nothing which violated the yahoo terms of service in the answer. I did, however, mention things about Mars, martial activity, strong biceps, rippling abs, and great running speed, in the answer.

The answer did have a distinctly martial tone to it, though. Could this have scared some pagans out there? Is it somehow wrong to point out that it is in no way manly to have a limp wand when the question deals with manly forms of paganism?

Best answer:

Answer by Phoenix M JPA
I have had a question deleted for using the word Heathen. Someone who claimed to be a pagan thought it was offensive and reported it.

However Mars is a Roman god, not a Heathen one.

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2 thoughts on “Is Mars not considered too manly in some forms of paganism?

  1. I haven’t a clue why your answer would have been deleted. Stereotyping, maybe but nothing offensive.

    Just remember, in Heathenism we have Sif with the golden hair and Freya, the goddess of sensuality!

    As for Mars, I like his warrior self! Ares too!

    Some pagan/Wiccan groups focus more on the feminine deities – most recon paths don’t. It’s give and take, I’d say

  2. Hm. What you are describing would seem to be the “athletic”
    interpetation of Mars in the context of Astrology. This and the
    martial aspect/context have been known and well documented
    since before the Hellenistic Period.

    Other related areas being those considered to which Mars has
    “rulership” over such as: guns, edged weapons or tools, violence,
    fires, death by strangleation (sic?), and (more recently)
    automobiles (esp. auto racing).

    I can only presume that if someone had your answer deleted…
    it was due to either complete abysmal ignorance or a grudge.

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