Having trouble receiving guidance from my subconscious?

Question by Jack B: Having trouble receiving guidance from my subconscious?
I have used “prayer” or “meditation” techniques in the past to get definitive answers to problems that perplexed me for years. Over the past few months I have been meditating for days at a time to receive an answer as to wether or not I should marry my gf. There have been a lot of trust issues and I have given up on resolving them consciously and am turning to the subconscious for answers, Trouble is I usually get an answer in such a way I KNOW it is the subconscious. Right now I am not sure what I am getting if anything at all, and if there might be something blocking the answer. Any advice? Maybe I need to just pray more consistently?

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Answer by olive
I think you should not fully rely on the subconcious to make the decision.

Listen to your intuition. What does it say?
A famous philosopher once said: If you have a question, throw a coin up into the air and choose heads or tails to guide you with the answer….. once the coin is up in the air, you will know which side you will want to win.

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  1. Try making a decision on your own and you may be supprised to find that you are capable of following a desisive thought. good luck

  2. Well, I would think if you wanted to marry someone, you would want her with all your heart. The fact that you mentioned trust issues tells me you are not ready. You need to talk with your girlfriend. There are couples therapy and communication classes through churches you could try to work on trust issues. The fact that you meditate and pray sounds beautiful, but you also need to use common sense and intellect (all three) to make a decision that hopefully will last a lifetime. 50% or more marriages end in divorce, so what is the hurry to get married anyway!

  3. I use prayer and meditation too. So I know from experience that whether you are praying to God, Goddess, or are expecting something from fate, karma or whatever higher power you believe in, that sometimes the answers are left for you to decide. You are at a crossroads my friend. You are the only person who can decide which way to go.

    But instead of asking if you should marry her, what you SHOULD ask is what life would be like with her one year from now … five years from now … ten years from now. Ask yourself if those trust issues can be left in the past or if they are going to bite you in the fanny in the future. My guess is that where you brought them up, you still have some things to work out with her. Marriage should never be rushed. It’s a serious commitment. My husband and I have been married for ten years now and we are just beginning. Where will the two of you be in ten years if you can’t trust each other?

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