32 thoughts on “Pagan summer solstice ceremonies carried out by druids at Stonehenge

  1. I’m sure people picked up their rubbish before they left the area, Secondly, maybe my eyes are bad but I did not see the drunk.What I did see and hear was the word peace from all for corners of the earth.Will replay and watch it again.Aloha to all men and women of peace in the world or the childrens sake.We must harvest and replant the vary seeds of humanity again, and again!Have a wonderful winter, for we have none just the sun 365 days a year with perfect temperatures.A place of aloha for all.

  2. What about the Drunk disrespectfull idiot who calls himself king arthur..just wait and see what happens when the real Arthur returns and gets hold of this jerk…

  3. Shame you guys didn’t catch the drunk, disrespectful idiot climbing (and falling) from the stones. I’ve been three times now and I strongly believe this site should be protected from the free-for-all festivals louts and saved for the people who respect this prehistoric landmark.

  4. just loook at liter on the grass, people need to have clean mind,spirit ,body and manners,specialy visiting such a site.The site is not a drogs and music festival site.Those durty unclean people should be shamed and they should think hard b4 they live this world.Cos they will be paying for it they d ont change.

  5. @JuniorRoman15 first of all fool im a guy second of all u must not no shit about chicano heritage and if u r chicano thats a f***in disgrace pinchi puto

  6. From the corners of the streets of East L.A. to the stoops of the houses in the Bronx, this is how we rolled back in the day. Laid back.


  8. @XXXXLOWRIDERXXXX if it wasnt for lil rob remaking them as well as other Rappers a lot of people wouldnt be in to oldies. by people i mean Youngsters that dont know about oldies

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