info and websites about wicca?

Question by Anna: info and websites about wicca?
So I know some stuff about Wicca, but I want to know more…and i’d have to learn it all online because I can’t get books. So yeah, websites? 🙂
And also, is it okay to be Wiccan but not practice? Like to have the beliefs but not do rituals and stuff? Because my dad’s a Christian.
And, (sorry lol) if I were to get books, what are some really good ones? That don’t specifically say “Wicca” or “witchcraft” or “Pagan” because I don’t want to freak daddy out lol .I mean, he already knows I’m interested in it, and says it’s okay, but i think he thinks that i’ll grow out of it or something.
Thank you soo much! 😉 && Blessed be )O(
First answerer (sorry I forgot the name) – I know that Wicca and witchcraft are different. You can be any religion and practice witchcraft. But thanks anyways.
And to David H – Thanks. Great to see a Christian who isn’t…um, threatening me? No offense, but a lot of you do. 😀

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Answer by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

But frankly its HUGE and easy to get lost …

Not everyone who is Wiccan practices witchcraft …

I follow many Wiccan traditions but do not practice witchcraft …

Edit – David you rock … I truly appreciate your open mind and heart … had to publicly say it …

2nd Edit – OK … thats what I get for trying to help …sarcasm …very nice …

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  1. Yes its ok not to practice right away. Studying thoroughly before practicing is a really good idea.

    I have found fairly helpful. Mostly though books have always been the best route for me. Also getting connected with older and wiser people who have practiced it is really helpful.

    My parents think its just a phase too. At least he is not totally freaking out. Go on walks in any area that has not been totally claimed by people if you can like a reservation area or park or something. This is a good place to get started practicing away from the eyes of parents.

    I hope this helps. If you want heres my email and any further assistance I can be Id glad to offer.

    Blessed be and good luck on your journey.

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