Pagans – do you think Pagans reincarnated in a way ?

Question by Pantheist: Pagans – do you think Pagans reincarnated in a way ?
from the Ancient World to the Dark Ages , paganism was destroyed during the Dark ages and now it’s followers and Paganism “recycled ” ?

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Answer by Darth Sipid
I think NeoPaganism is in some ways a continuance of earlier Paganism, and in some ways is something entirely new. I’m not sure that if you were able to send a group of modern Wiccans back to any time and place in human history that they would find any group or religion that looked like them. At the same time, I think they would find resonance with the ancient goddess religions around the world and in all times.

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5 thoughts on “Pagans – do you think Pagans reincarnated in a way ?

  1. Ancient animistic beliefs are resurfacing because of the study of quantum physicists. They are basically describing the same things. The only difference is the language used. The ancients did not have a scientific way of explaining their knowledge so they used symbolism.

    Truth will always resurface, how can it not. Whether it is via science or religion we are all saying we are a fragment of the Universal Consciousness, be it from a god or from energy to matter does not matter. We are all divine beings whose value is immeasurable. Petty differences of opinion are irrelevant with such a concept.

    We are not an ego, not a physical body with spiritual aspirations, but the complete opposite 🙂

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  2. pan 😉

    no, i think its always been there
    it never was destroyed, they attempted to , but they enver truly suceedede, because you cant take away and destroy soemthing that is the very core of who soemeone is, not with violence, not with fear, and not with any of the other things

  3. Frou Frou is right on. It always has been there..and here. It will always be here in one form or another. Just that there are peaks and valleys. take for example the KKK. They have been here since the end of the Civil War. They had their peaks..(1880’s , 1920’s ,1960’s) they also had times where they were virtually ruined. Just because you dont see a group does not mean they dont exist. They adapt to whatever society they find themselves in.

  4. Yes. I do feel this is true sometimes. But, I also believe we were Christians, if not happy as such, during the Christian Era.

  5. Well, I think there’s a renaissance or “re-birth” of
    spiritual wisdom occuring in the western world…
    mostly as a result of modern communication and
    things like the internet, which are breaking down
    the lies that the Abrahamic religions have forced
    on people for their own profit for so long.

    On the other hand, people in third world countries
    are not being reached… and consequently that’s
    where most of the Abrahamic religions are finding
    their new converts today.


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