Wiccans: Did you know that wicca isn’t interchangeable with pagan?

Question by Epidexia93: Wiccans: Did you know that wicca isn’t interchangeable with pagan?
I always see people define things as being “wicca/pagan” but that would assume they are the same thing. They aren’t. Pagan is an umbrella term that applies to many other religions (including original christianity) and wicca is a very specific religion started by Gerald Gardner that, while having many different branches, is not the only form of paganism.

It’s just kind of annoying because my holy books tend to be miscategorized under “wicca” even though it’s not related. You do know that wicca started in the 50’s and while paganism has been around for thousands of years right?
Also don’t tell me about the “ancient witch cult” thing where you claim that wicca goes back thousands of years. That is just part of the religion’s mythology and isn’t historically accurate. Nobody considered themselves a wiccan or witch until recently.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean to say that Wicca and pagan aren’t interchangeable terms in the sense that while yes, you can be wiccan and call yourself a pagan, someone who considers themselves a pagan is not automatically a wiccan.
Christianity definitely has it’s roots in paganism. Theyre own deity is very similar to Osiris and Dionysus which also came before the Jesus myth.

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Answer by Rey
Yes, Wicca is NOT some ancient religion.

Its something that was made to bring back all the POWERFUL males deities and SEXUALLY LIBERATED women deities.

But, unforuntely, due to Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike, they have co-oppted it to make it into some troll in a cave, some giant on the rag goddess that likes to see men on their knees, and castrate them.

EDIT: And I think..no i’m SURE, Original Christianity was GNOSTIC….till the Catholic church killed most of them off, and said they were evil lol

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  1. Feel better now that you’ve got that rant off your chest?

    Yes, plenty of us know all of that. (although why you call original Christianity “pagan” completely escapes me, are you are most definitely wrong on that matter, since it was Christians who gave paganus a religious meaning)

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