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  1. @RavenxPuddleford also another neat fact ive read about is that the pentagram has been found on the inside of caves thousands of years ago and what they would represent were the god and goddess rather than the elements. the upward pentagram would represent the goddess( incorporating her triplicity) and the inverted would represent the horned one. I personally dont necessarily see anything wrong with the inverted pentagram as long as it doesnt include its satanic sigils.

  2. @RavenxPuddleford from what ive understood the inverted pentagram could be used in wicca or witchcraft but has totally different meaning than that sigil of baphomet that we find in satanism. When the pentagram points upward it means spirit ascend and when its inverted it means spirit descend. i could be wrong but it takes more than an inverted pentagram to to be considered satanism. It has to include all of the sigils around it.

  3. @itsmetheotherjb It might not be commonly used by you, but it is commonly used in British Traditional Wicca.

  4. @OathBoundSecrets No it’s not, you are mistaken and I am offended that you think it is. You may use it, but it isn’t commonly used. You do further research!

  5. the more I watch these wiccan videos the more I’m getting a bit freaked out. I never even heard of wiccans until not too long ago. I don’t really claim any religion but all through my years of life, I’ve been getting strange messages in my dreams about the moon, and how the earth dragon is with me. I feel like a guardian of something as well. I probably sound crazy but could any of this mean something?

  6. “We know that good actions have good rewards…” – “good” and “bad” having any objective reality is a Christian concept and makes no sense in a Wiccan context. The Web of Wyrd is closer to our philosophy – whatever you send out is a resonation that will return to you on the same wavelength. If you are violent, more and more violence will surround you; if you are full of lust, sex will fill your life – all this is neither “good” or “bad”, it’s just a quality that you might like or dislike.

  7. @Bitskoemer Read more about Traditional Wicca. The “upside down” pentagram is used in BTW as the symbol of 2nd degree.

  8. @RavenxPuddleford I’m afraid you are mistaken. The “upside down” pentagram is traditionally used in Wicca. Please do further research. Thank you.

  9. I noticed theres an upside down pentagram which i find offensive because that is a sign of satanism NOT wicca.

  10. @ArcaneFaerie Yes they also use the symbol. But when was the Satanic church established? Why do you think the symbol has been associated with both witches and devil worshippers?

  11. @ArcaneFaerie No the downward pointing pentagram is used in Traditional Wicca it comes from Pythagoras, not the Devil.

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