Celtic pagan beliefs

A brief review of what I will be covering in future videos. This channel will cover the celtic belief system prior to the incoming of Christianity. The purpose of these videos is to discuss varying aspects of celtic belief with others. I take it that anyone who finds these videos will be interested in the subject manner in some way. I will enjoy hearing from those who wish to contribute to the conversation.

18 thoughts on “Celtic pagan beliefs

  1. I am trying to find a video were it explains about pagans because i know NOTHING about them. i need to know all the holidays, gods, rituals etc. right from the beggining. does any one know where i can find this.
    xxxx (ps.i am cornish so i am looking for celt information aswell. 🙂 🙂 )

  2. I’m primarily of scottish heritage and interested in the beliefs and culture of my ancestors to sort of find myself in my heritage so i’d be interested in any scottish lore in particular. I was brought up Christian but the more i learn the more i question christianity and i’d like to understand what came before it since i prefer the idea of a way of life tied to my heritage rather than a shoot from judaism that spread through politics and war but doesn’t seem to really make sense.

  3. I look forward to more from you. You seem to approach things very levelheaded, which is quite admirable.
    I’ve been calling myself a celtic pagan for the last several years(primarily dealing with irish deities, whichever come to me really), but have had great difficulty getting proper information on anything involving rituals. I tend to be rather distrusting of the roman historians simply because it was in their best interests to demonize everyone else, but have been looking into archaeology.

  4. I only discovered Karin this past week. Perhaps the best week of the year. Good fortune. This is awesome.

  5. I love that Karin hides her face, wears masks, etc. Although, this particular costume is very creepy.

  6. @lmneozoo she’s still in the band, they just took time off from each other to do other stuff 🙂 but i hope they will release proper THE KNIFE album in 2011, cause im not so into opera album.

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