What does everybody think of these “pagan” revivals?

Question by ☭Billy Comrade☭: What does everybody think of these “pagan” revivals?
Especially Hellinism, which seems to be growing at the fastest rate? Is it cool or what?
Really? No one has a view on it one way or another? I thought you Christians would feel somewhat threatened by it.

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Answer by -FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-
I think its fantastic … people are finally beginning to realize that they can look outside of what they were brainwashed with …

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5 thoughts on “What does everybody think of these “pagan” revivals?

  1. Look, God is allowing satan the upper hand, because it is time to rap up this entire sin question and get rid of all of the disobedient.

  2. I’m rather a fan of lots of Pagan paths, whether reconstructionist, as you mention, or neo, like I am. The various Pagan faiths are growing rapidly, and I think it’s a good thing. A more diverse religious landscape will result, and many of the default assumptions will have to be wiped out.

    Bring it on!

  3. i dont so much view it as a revival as i do soemthing being accepted again
    paganism never went away, for those who are pagans
    but for those who didnt know they were or coudl be pagan, its here,
    so its jsut aperspective
    and i think its great, paganisms the best

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