Dogen teach Zen 1/2

favorite quote of soto zen buddhism founder Dogen , he preaches Hojo tokiyori who ruled Japan in Kamakura period
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  1. I beleave on Zenbuddhism. Zen is 1 of 8 buddhism schools. The Samurais have use Zenbuddhism.

  2. However, as William Bodiford has pointed out to me, the shisho document supposedly given to Dogen by Ju-ching and now designated a national treasure by the Japanese government most certainly is a medieval forgery (Steven Heine, Japanese Journal of Religious studies 30.102 [Spring 2003]

  3. @JoeyRec We do not leave our bodies, nor travel to other dimensions. Zazen is the practice of being awake in this body, in this place and time. It is about intimacy with things as they are, not control.

  4. @BluePittbull666 you don’t understand the nature of a true Buddhist monk then. The meditation they do allows them to travel to other dimensions and leave their bodies. Monks have sat and burned themselves in protest in meditation. You cannot imagine what its like to be on such a spiritual level with such control over your body, thats why it seems crazy to you.
    Also @dfvxc this doesn’t go very deep but the film is definitely about zen.

  5. ok to meditate 30 mins a day.

    this is nonsense meditating while some1 is trying to cut of ur head.

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