One Conscious Breath An excerpt from the featured talk in the November 2009 Issue of Eckhart Tolle TV: “Portals to Now.”
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24 thoughts on “One Conscious Breath

  1. @420stig stig- I’m having trouble sending you a message, so sending a comment instead. feel free to delete this one after reading. your comment activated my pain body. i think there was a misunderstanding. i’m sorry about my comment about eckhart’s tic. i was genuinely curious. i love eckhart. i do make fun of people, because i’m a comedian, so any montage i made of him would be done with a lot of effort and fun. how did you feel when you read my comment? was it upsetting? please let me know.

  2. @Disneyu or maybe u’ll die from a seizure or something you cant control before you can waste more of you life hating people who are comfortable talking about their existence on the net for everyone to benefit from. funny how things you cant control are always so important to people like you. gl

  3. If you are a truth seeker, search “Truth Contest” in Google and click on the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people.

  4. @groonsmanwullie´╗┐ Most people don’t even have the patience to stop and quiet their minds for even the time it takes to do this one simple thing. This is not intended to offer a solution for all one’s problems. It is simply one exercise that can help bring one into the present moment and let go of the mind chatter. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

  5. he’s come a long way since he shaved off the beard, cut his hair, took off the kimono …..and left abba !

  6. he has wonderful truths to express, but we should all take everything with a grain of salt. find your path and trust your instinctual truth discerning primordial mind to lead you.

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