22 thoughts on “Caroline Myss Lecture Why People Don’t Heal Excerpt

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  2. This is brilliant. I would like to add my own perspective and say that a lot of us HAVE got to the point in our development where we CAN choose the speed of change on purpose. Buddha did it by sitting under a tree, Jesus did it by hanging out in some desert… the 40 day duration seems to be about right from my own experience. Its enough time to turn your whole life upside down and to emerge with ones positive and creative energy being dominant.

  3. @ElaetiaPhyn Gee, will there be any charge for that lecture? I didn’t question the validity of the message, I was questioning the details of the events. So, do I receive a reply with corroborating evidence, of which I have since found, BTW? Nooo. Instead I receive a reply that uses the word you, or a derivative, twelve times! What might that tell us about Ego? Yours I mean. Can’t tolerate your beliefs being questioned? If we practiced more tolerance, we may not need to forgive so often. 😉

  4. @azul8811 Get out of your Ego ( – explains your defensiveness to gain attention to your comments). If you don’t understand what that means, you will not understand the story. Therefore you cannot open your mind to the possibility of its Truth – which may be deeper than you can comprehend at this point in your life. (Nothing wrong with that.) What if you stopped for a moment, let yourself believe the story. What then? Otherwise, move on to what does speak truth to you.

  5. @ElaetiaPhyn Sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you are suggesting. In my post, I said that the overall message might certainly be vaIid, but I found this particular tale to be quite a stretch. So, what exactly do I have to “keep trying” at? Keep trying to believe that this tale is true? Thank you.

  6. @HDvids101 You think the “9/11 Truthers” and “Tea Party” folks are trying to “nudge me to open up a little” and raise my consciousness? I can’t say that I’ve been left w/ that sense. BTW, I still think that airplanes brought down the towers, not bombs. And I still think that public workers deserve a living wage. What I HAVE found is that some folks deflect the debate away from the initial issue, so it becomes about something else entirely, sometimes about ME even! Now, what is THAT about? 😉

  7. @azul8811
    Your ‘Ego’ not ‘still mind’ 😉
    Maybe,depending who the question is directed to, can see past the ego’s little game and is giving you a nudge to open a little.Listen to Tolle ,Watts, Myss, Gangaji read “The “Four Agreements”. No dogma in these teachings. You are your own master. Remember the ‘little me’ in you(ego) wants to feel important and have your “questions” answered not a still mind. This alone can crack some beliefs you have 😉

  8. @HDvids101 Do you know what my “still mind” notices? That regardless of where I go here on YT, my actual questions are rarely, if ever, addressed. They are either deflected or ignored, and instead I get to hear dogma. I wonder why that is? I find that surprising when communicating through the written word. One would think that it would be harder to ignore what has been said. 😉

  9. @HDvids101 There is certainly much to be gained by quieting the incessant mindless chatter of the “cortical monkey”. And meditation is a tool to do so, and perhaps we gain greater clarity. But how does that negate the value of critical thought? Isn’t “questioning the story” how we advance our knowledge… of science, medicine and engineering, etc.? Will a meditating Tibetian monk design a pacemaker? As for “questioning the story”, I never believed that there were WMD in Iraq. Did you? 😉

  10. @HDvids101 Yes, I agree with the first part of your reply. However, whose frame of reference should I use to evaluate what I see and hear? As for the second part of your reply, are you implying that those of us who may question the validity of this story need to do something so that we can “see the world as it really is”? If so, who determines whose filters are the one’s that need the cleaning job? That gets dicey, no? I think that it is often people’s needs that determine their beliefs. 😉

  11. forgivness is letting go. It sets you free. When one realises unforgiving person keeps him/herself in bondage, then it changes the situation from trying to be good to quest of my own freedom. Hard labour to be good and forgiving turns to comfotable “letting go”.

    unforgivness=holding on to something (it’s work)

    forgivness= Letting go (it’s freedom)

    So ultimately it’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about ones own freedom.

  12. the overall message might certainly be valid, but honestly, i find this particular tale to be quite a bit of a stretch.

  13. This Video and it’s creator are amazing!!! weather you’re into this stuff or not , it was well put together and fun to watch and learn from… Another amazing video I just discovered was (FBI-CIA ALERT, illuminatti ILLUMINATTI 1-3) This video here, I’m listing as a favorite and sharing with my subs… Gotta believe!!!! GOD Exists!!

  14. Thanks Pamela, Being afraid of change is only part of the picture, the other is some people like the reward of having someone or something to blame for their problems so as they don’t have to take responsibility of their problems.

  15. This is such a powerful video about the power of Forgiveness. I hope those of my clients stuck in unforgiveness take note.

  16. omg i just came to a realization, what i learned from this vid is priceless, i now no wat i must do to heal thanks so much

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