Caroline Myss “Soul Service” Caroline Myss is an international workshop leader, lecturer, and the author of several best-selling books, including Sacred Contracts, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Anatomy of the Spirit, and Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason. She is dedicated to creating educational programs in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, energy anatomy, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. Myss is a pioneer in educating the public on the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She holds degrees in journalism, theology, and intuition and energy medicine. Her work bridges our ancient understanding of the human energy system—the chakras—and current scientific study of how our thoughts influence our bodies and our lives. She penetrates a hidden world and shows where spiritual power really comes from, and how to bring it into our lives today for health, guidance, and transformation. In 2003, Caroline Myss established CMED, an educational institute that offers programs on sacred contracts, energy anatomy, energy medicine, and mysticism. Myss also maintains a rigorous international workshop and lecture schedule and continues a consultation practice as a medical intuitive with physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other health practitioners.
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14 thoughts on “Caroline Myss “Soul Service”

  1. In this age of corruption even “soul” is for sale….Institutions that sell spirituality need to become a thing of the past…..Besides only undeveloped “souls” don’t see the Natural mystic everywhere so they pay vampires to guide them to what they already are,,but wont give cent to feed the hungry….Fools in the age of ignorance congregate in graveyards with no mana…

  2. One of the best things i ever picked up in my life was her talks on sacred contracts- of course its also available in the book Sacred Contracts. I find her work in the world to be invaluable. thanks C. Myss

  3. She talks about courage and action.two things that are lacking in my life right now.I will pray for all of us to change that before we change the form.

  4. How can someone empower someone else? It’s not a question of soul stamina, we have to access our own power. I can’t do it for you, and you can’t do it for me, this is how we realize ourselves as the infinite beings all the teachings say we are. She talks about power plays but is advocating one. I think the underlying message would be along the lines of the greatest gift we can give to someone else is the expectation of their highest potential, and supporting each other that way.

  5. I have felt for many years her teachings are profound and remain respectful of her humanity and her commitment to peeling back the layers of being lost in it’s maze. She is a reflection of what it takes to relearn or recalin what has been lost a lot like the holy grail which is what we are.

  6. Excellent video about empowerment and the cultivation of power. Carolyn Myss has so much wisdom.

  7. Could you imagine if we took what she is saying to the international level and we responded to international crisis through the means of empowering people? Wow. I’d love to see that day, I really would. Imagine what our planet could evolve into with the creative force of the world together.

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